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Review: A Mad Passion by Scarlett Scott

A Mad Passion by Scarlett Scott

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Historical Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Seven years ago, the Marquis of Thornton broke Cleo’s heart. He’s the last man she wants to see at the country house party she’s attending with her sisters. However, fate has a different plan when she finds Thornton standing before her, as devastatingly handsome as ever.

Thornton’s resolve is tempted by Cleo’s reappearance in his life. He’ll stop at nothing to have her back in his arms. Now a respected politician, he jeopardizes his career and reputation with each secret moment he spends with her.

A steamy interlude in a darkened chamber, the crackling tension of a shared Shakespeare scene before the rest of the house guests, and one too many secret kisses prove to Cleo and Thornton that despite their scarred hearts, their feelings for one another may never have changed. But neither is free to pursue the other. Cleo remains hopelessly trapped in a loveless marriage, and Thornton is on the cusp of making an advantageous match. Together they must battle against ruin and swirling scandal to discover if their mad passion is worth the price.

Monica's Review

How far would you go for love? Risk everything that you have built in the last seven years for the name of love. When Thornton finds himself with Cleo after seven years after she broke off their engagement his feelings and her feelings cannot be tamed any longer.

In this heart pounding historical there is so much passion that is shared between Thornton and Cleo, each stare, each touch it leaves you breathless. This story dates back to 1880’s in which society domineered politics and unladylike behavior especially if one is married was unacceptable. It was a little slow in the beginning and took some time to get into the story but after that it was too interesting and captivating to put it down. Thornton and Cleo will have you laughing on how they both act towards each other and the wording they use on each other is just adorable. Even if it does sound a little foolish but it is their way of communicating that they still love each other no matter about the past.

A Mad Passion is a very well-written story and I will gladly read it again. There are several surprises towards the end of the book that make everything come together not only for Cleo but for Thornton and their future together. I found it to be humorous and delightful and most of all enjoyed their passionate chemistry.

4 Tea Cups!

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