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Review: Southern Exposure by Kendall Grace

Southern Exposure by Kendall Grace

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



A quick trip to visit her hospitalized mother is lasting longer than Anna had expected. About twelve weeks longer. It’s not that she isn’t used to taking care of her mom—Anna took over that job when her father died—but it’s a little stressful vying for partnership in her New York law firm from Liberty, Alabama. Fortunately the neighbor, a hot Southern charmer, is willing to help her take the edge off.

Since Trey breached her defenses, he and Anna have been burning up the sheets…and the side of the house…and the garden. The woman he’s coming to know is a far cry from the uptight lawyer he first met. And he likes the new Anna. A lot.

As her feelings for Trey deepen, Anna is torn between duty and desire…what she wants versus what she thinks she needs. Returning to New York, reverting to the formidable attorney her father molded, is the responsible thing to do.

Too bad that’s not the woman Trey wants…

Monica's Review

OMG, what can I say? Just WOW! Anna and Trey's first encounter, it will leave you speechless. This is a hot, steamy and dreamy story that you will not want to miss. Ellen is just trying to help her daughter Anna see what life is about; it is not only about money but much more—it is about happiness in what you do. Why give up your dream to do something just because of money, money is not everything. This couple is well balanced and both are willing to let their guard down but will they be let down?

Trey is a strong, smart, sexy, gorgeous guy, can I say more? His actions and gestures that he shows Anna will bring you to your knees with jealousy wishing he was doing the same gestures to you. Trey is a woman's fantasy because he is so kind, generous and puts things into prospective. He is willing to listen and not judge but give advice that lets that person make their own decision. That is something that I truly admired in his character.

Anna is a bright, intelligent, independent young woman but one thing that she lacks is that she struggles in trying to please her father and not herself. Why make sacrifices for the sake of making someone happy and not do something that you love to do? That is the way of life and once you starting living it that is when you will truly be happy and content with your life. She has been misguided and if she does not make some changes soon in her life she might as well count her losses in finding happiness. She is level-headed but she needs to face reality and soon.

I love the storyline that Ms. Grace gave this book. It is something that happens in everyday life. One thing is true that the chemistry that Anna and Trey have is out of this world. Trey can only do what he can and if Anna is not willing to put in her part then what is the point? The romance that Anna and Trey share is definitely worth reading to see their happily ever after.

4 1/2 Tea Cups!

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Kendall Grace said...

Thank you for the wonderful review, Monica. I'm so pleased you enjoyed Trey's and Anna's story. Of everything I've written, this book is my favorite. I appreciate the time you took to read and write such a thoughtful review.


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