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Review: Under Apache Skies by Madeline Baker

Under Apache Skies by Madeline Baker

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Historical Romance

Heat Rating: 2



When a rugged stranger darkens the door of her family ranch, Martha Jean Flynn can tell right away that Ridge Longtree is nothing like the other cowboys who show up in search of work. For in the eyes of this raven-haired, half-Indian loner, Martha sees the hint of danger, the depths of sorrow—and the tiniest spark of untold passion.

Indeed, tragedy forced Ridge to leave the Apache stronghold at a young age. But when Martha’s father is murdered and Apaches kidnap her younger sister, he cannot bear to see her distraught. Reluctantly, he agrees to lead her to the stronghold to save her kin. But somewhere along the jagged mountain trail, the two discover a passion that threatens to set their hearts aflame and endanger their mission of rescue…

Wendy's Review

Under Apache Skies was a wonderful book. Its characters' are strong heros and heroines alike. I like how Madeline made two love stories into one.

Martha Jean and Dani lived in the Wild West but they were sisters that were like night and day. Marty wore the pants in the family her father Seamus Flynn expected so much more from her than her sister Dani. Dani took care of the house and made sure meals were on the table she did everything a lady was suppose to. Marty could brand and castrate cattle with the best of them.

Then there was one fateful event where someone killed Seamus and left his daughters to fend for themselves. Marty made sure that she didn't fall apart— she had to be strong for her sister Dani just like she always did even when their mother took off years before and left the girls alone with their father. Of course Marty could have cared less but Dani stilled missed her.

Along came Ridge Longtree, gunslinger and half Apache. When she saw him comforting Dani after her father's death, Marty couldn't understand the emotions bringing them together. What she didn't realize is that Ridge didn't have designs on Dani, he only had eyes on her.

The events of this book had you reading and reading not realizing how engrossed you became in the storyline. Madeline has just the right amount of adventures and mystery to peak the interest of the reader. It is a book that makes you feel good and enriched in history.

Loved the plot and the story!

5 Tea Cups!

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