Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Giveaway Spotlight - The Pendulum by Tarah Scott

Two men.

Two murderers.

Two demands for the promised payment of marriage.

Murder, deceit, and fraud pull Lady Arin Keith between these men.

Which one will bed her, claim her...own her?

Lady Airin Keith won’t rest until Lord Jason Bothwell is tried and convicted for the murder of her sister. An unexpected marriage proposal brings an opportunity to prove the earl’s guilt, but the knight who appears with her great grandmother’s lost brooch threatens to interfere with Airin’s brand of justice when he demands the agreed payment of marriage.


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Pommawolf said...

What a delightful and paasionate time period. It would have been an interesting time period in which to live. I know I probably would have gotton my self in big trouble by not being silent, and more than likely speaking when women were not suppose to *S*
I would dearly love to win this book *S*
Following Blog

Thank you!


pommawolf @ hotmail dot com

Jen B. said...

I can't imagine living in a time period when women had no control over any aspect of their lives. To be owned that way would suck. The story sounds great.
GFC Follower

Tarah Scott said...

Pommawolf, heh heh. Women in earlier times often did get themselves into trouble by fighting the tide. How comforting is it to know that women have always had an indomitable spirit?

What's interesting, Jen, is that smart women of medieval times--and there were plenty of them--wielded a great deal of power because they knew how to work the system. Something I've learned in my historical research is that women have always been very smart.

LynnMarie said...

-Contest Closed-
Winner: Darcy


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