Thursday, April 7, 2011

Review: Come Find Me by Natalie Dae

Come Find Me by Natalie Dae

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Kat Simmons takes a vacation to explore her feelings for her sex-on-legs coworker Dan. She’s had the hots for him for the past two years, but isn’t sure if he feels the same way. She knows she needs to return home and confess how she feels—that she hungers for him, has sexy dreams about him…wants him in her bed.

When a room service waiter brings her a note, Kat follows the directions to a mountain cabin. Dan is there—and he wants her naked and in his arms. Together they explore their shared desire for BDSM. A dungeon provides them with the ideal place to act out their fantasies and Kat realizes sex can be hotter than she ever dreamed with a little spanking added to the mix.

Lily's Review

From the minute I saw the dominant bare-butted woman on the cover of this book I had to have it in my hands!

The premise of Come Find Me is an chocolate coated indulgence for the reader, scenarios slot into place wonderfully and conveniently and characters are sublimely matched, not that willing suspension of disbelief is breached in any way, no, it is so well written that you have wonderful ‘oh’ and ‘ah’ moments as you read. Bliss!

As the lovely Kat goes on her initial journey to find the object of her desires I really went on the voyage with her, reading between the lines of the love-notes and searching around the town. And I was so impressed with the delectable Dan’s attention to detail on this mysterious chase that I was on the edge of my seat, desperate to meet him.

When I did I was not disappointed, Ms Dae does a wonderful job of portraying a submissive man who is still a fabulous, testosterone infused hunk; although he hands over his sexual pleasure he is still a guy you would want fighting in your corner, a guy you can happily lust after without any question of where his balls are!
First impression was that Kat is shy and retiring – but oh no, she knows what she wants and goes to get it. With wonderful consequences. Her character is three dimensional and she expresses real fears and real desires in this erotic love story. Oh, and did I mention the attention to detail in the sex scenes – sumptuous!


A read that will grab you from the very beginning and take you on a roller coaster ride of love and lust, desire and kink. I highly recommend it, it is so much more than a nibble at an alternative lifestyle it is a great big, juicy bite!

5 Tea Cups!

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