Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Review: Forever Broken by Evangeline Anderson

Forever Broken by Evangeline Anderson

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 3



As second wolf in the Lunas Locas pack, Paul Kraskowski has power and prestige. He also has a dark secret—one he hides and won’t admit it even to himself—until the night he meets Laurent.

Born to one of the oldest families of his kind, Laurent Montcrieve is vampire royalty. He stands to inherit massive wealth and the title Viscount of the Blood. But he would give it all up to find the one man who can complete him—his Coeur de Sang or Heart’s Blood.

Two worlds collide when Laurent and Paul meet and form an accidental blood bond. But the instant spark between them ignites a raging bonfire of conflict. Their people are enemies who would rather see them dead than together and Paul refuses to admit his attraction to another man. Now the clock is ticking as agree to explore what lies between them. Their search may end in true love or death. But they must be careful for if they severe the tie that binds them, the bond they share will be forever broken.

Dodie's Review

This is not so much a story of opposites attracting, but of two odd birds finally finding their match. Laurent has never been at home in his luxurious, privileged background. While he has enjoyed the benefits of his family, he has chosen people of a different class as his serious lovers, he seeks out information and relationships against his families wishes. Paul is a Polish werewolf, whose father is a lone wolf, in a pack of uber macho Cuban werewolves. Despite his differences, the alpha of his pack has named him as second in command of his pack.

Paul is deep in denial as to the fact that he is gay. Despite his instant attraction to Laurent, he tries to deny it for the majority of the book. As a theme that continues to pop up in my life lately, Paul tries to logic himself out of the attraction and his budding feelings for Laurent, but logic doesn't work in matters of the heart. He tries to convince himself and Laurent that they are too different, that their families would never accept their relationship, that they would be better off apart, that ….

This book is a wonderful read, and a fascinating picture of the growth of a relationship.

5 Tea Cups!

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