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Review: Trust in the Lawe by Stacey Joy Netzel

Trust in the Lawe by Stacey Joy Netzel

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Book One in The Colorado Trust Series

Kendra Zelner has three brothers: Eight-year old Noah she's determined to protect, Joel who has no clue she exists, and Robert who wants her dead.

With reason to be distrustful of cops, she takes Noah and flees their Manhattan home for Joel’s ranch in Colorado. Under the pretense of needing a job, she plans to hide out until her twenty-fifth birthday, when she’ll inherit her trust fund and legally gain custody of Noah away from Robert’s greedy hands. Unfortunately, her brother’s sexy, infuriating ranch manager insists on demolishing her defenses and digging into her past.

Colton Lawe has good reason to suspect Joel’s beautiful, long-lost sister isn’t what she seems—the little liar stole from him! He silently vows to expose her secrets, but long hours together on the ranch fosters a closeness and fiery attraction neither of them expects. Can Kendra trust Colton with the full truth before Robert finds them?

Lena's Review

Kendra Zelner is on the run not just her but for safety and for the care of her little brother. Her half-brother, Robert Zelner, will do anything he can to make sure they both die. She didn’t mean it to happen but stealing was the only key to her survival. Kendra expected a lot of things but never thought her long-lost brother would welcome her with open arms. Meeting him after all the struggling she done so far is like peace for her. Not only does she feel at peace but her little brother, Noah, seems to have opened up with Joel and his family. Joel is definitely the big brother she has always dream of but didn’t expect his best friend, Colton Lawe. Here is man who can ruin everything for her with Joel. Family is important to her and if she can escape from Robert and become 25 before he finds her than everything will be well. The thing is that she can’t stop the sexual attraction she feels for Colton. Can she keep her and Noah safe before it is too late?

Colton Lawe knows a liar when he sees one and that is Kendra Zelner. Not for a minute does he believe her stealing his wallet was a coincidence. Something about her appearance as his best friend’s sister doesn’t seem right. Another thing that doesn’t seem right to him is why she is determined to work in the barns when she screams of money. Kendra is all city girl and he knows she is hiding something. The more he’s with her harder it is to fight the sexual attraction. Each day with her is making him see what has been missing from his life and that’s love. Joel and Brittany are already smitten with her and little Noah and already he is enchanted with her. Can he figure out Kendra before Robert finds her? Can he risk his heart again to a woman?

Stacey Jo Netzel has done it again in this beautiful tale of survival, passion and learning to trust people. Kendra is a woman who has tried her hardest to keep her little brother. Family is definitely important for her and she won’t let anyone near her especially for help. Now Colton is a man who needs someone to love him like Kendra. These two are so in need of love and trust. They’re both afraid to let go and fall in love and Stacey Jo Netzel did a great job in showing us that they belong together. One word for this book is wow and hope for more of this series to come. Great job.

5 Tea Cups!

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