Monday, June 27, 2011

Review: Twice to the Stars by Alexis Reed

Twice to the Stars by Alexis Reed

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 3



As the only woman on board the pioneer-class galactic vessel The Adamant, Chief Engineer Samantha Hartland knows better than to let any man into her bed—or her heart. Unfortunately, she doesn’t want just any. One. Man. Blake and Kane Damsen, identical twins and fellow officers, haunt her most vivid erotic dreams. Together.

Blake and Kane have kept their passion for the green-eyed mistress of engineering a secret for two years. Barely. But when one of the crew members reveals he’s willing to kill to get Samantha’s attention, she turns to the twins for help. She gets a lot more than that in the bargain.

Lily's Review

Oh, Twice to the Stars is a good book and if you enjoy ménage, hot twins, galactic action and a little stalker mystery this is a must read for you.

I’m sometimes hesitant to pick up sci-fi and find it hard to immerse myself in these strange new worlds, but Ms Reed absolutely nails it with this one. I was right there on The Adamant, flying through space with chief engineer Samantha Hartland. The picture the author paints with words is very clear and beautifully done. Her imagination is as clear and concise as her writing style.

Now to the twins. Phew! What can I say? Blake and Kane Damsen are delectable. Not only that, they are also realistic, sensitive, vulnerable and the way they connect with each other is very skillfully written and what could have been weird felt perfectly natural.

Samantha is a great heroine. She’s strong and independent and I adored the tomboy aspect of her which didn’t interfere with her sexuality one bit. The boys love her and who can blame them.

This is one hot book with tons of steam-off-the-page sex, but more than that there is a great story woven in there too. Emotions and engineering problems combine with lust, desire and a hot threesome that will send you heading for the nearest space station in search of your own set of Damsens!

5 Tea Cups!

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