Thursday, July 28, 2011

Review: The Big, Nina S. Gooden

The Big, Nina S. Gooden

Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Riding Hood Tales Book One

What’s a girl to do when her daily delivery ends in a vortex of passion and gunfire?
All Roux wanted was to bring Grandma her goodies and get out of there before the old lady planted a slug in her back. Unfortunately, her simple routine gets blown sky high when she stumbles onto a crime scene. To make matters worse, the only suspect is a very hunky and very naked Wolf who has decided to claim her as his mate.
Aldrich may be the most overbearing man Roux has ever met, but something about him warms her heart. No one who touches her as gently as he does could be a cold-blooded killer. Roux is determined to prove that, but the closer she gets to the truth the more she’ll wish she hadn’t. There are secrets in the town of Harmony, secrets that could tear her world apart.

Claudette's Review

Ms Gooden transports the reader into a land straight out of Grimm’s fairy tales, where wolves walk amongst human, just as often on two legs as four. Granny is a bad tempered, vicious old woman, none of the Citizens watch members like having to visit. Especially as Granny is far more likely to pepper any approaching visitors with buckshot, than offer them tea and crumpets. Roux is the only one who actually likes Granny, well who isn’t scared off by Granny. One day while visiting Granny with a good will basket of goodies, Roux, has a bad feeling as she steps over the threshold. Granny’s dead and Roux has to find answers to who killed Granny and why. The hunky naked wolf who can’t keep his furry paws off her and insists she’s his mate, is a major suspect. Did Aldrich kill granny? Her wolf friends Mina and Ulrick assist her in supplying answers about the wolf community. Suddenly Harmony is no longer the safe haven it has been for years.

All the characters are likeable and I very much enjoyed this original story. I was hooked from the first line. If you like your romances a little dark, sexy, funny and unpredictable then this is one for you.

4 Tea Cups!

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