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Review: Prescription for Passion by Jamaica Layne

Prescription for Passion by Jamaica Layne

Publisher: Silver Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Joanna Watson and Harlan Wilkinson are married now, and also working together every day at Covington Community Hospital. But the long hours and busy schedules are starting to take their toll on the relationship----they’re both soon finding that married life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. With almost no private time to themselves any longer, Joanna and Harlan search for ways to spice up their sexual relationship on the job.

Meanwhile, the nursing shortage has led Covington Community Hospital to do something it’s never done in its 85-year history----hire a male nurse. Billy Hartzell----a handsome, athletic 22-year-old fresh out of a big-city nursing school----is a fish-out-of-water in small-town Statesville. The young female nurses don’t exactly know what to think of Billy, but the one thing they do know is he’s smoking-hot. Soon, all the single ladies at Covington Community Hospital are jockeying ruthlessly for Billy’s affections. Billy jumps right in, and partakes of the pleasures that are offered him by the flirty young Starla Berring. But in the end, he only has eyes for one nurse in particular----a shy, virginal young woman named Dana.

Lily's Review

Prescription for Passion is a really good book, not only that it’s a long read that gives you the time to sink your teeth into the wonderful characters and invest in their happy ending. I thoroughly enjoyed the plot and the people and found myself thinking about them when I wasn’t reading - when I was doing my chores and walking the dog - for me this is a sign of a book well thought out and right up my street.

This is the first in the series I’ve read but that didn’t seem to affect my enjoyment. Ms Layne does a nice job of filling in the back story of Harlan and Joanna without making the reader feel like it’s an information dump. I adored reading about these two characters but it was Billy and Dana who really captured my imagination.
Billy was lovely, and bless him, not having much fun on his first nursing job. Dana is a sweet little thing with just the right amount of feistiness to not me a push over. I did think her and Billy fell for one another a little quickly to be believable but hey, I wanted them to get together so it didn’t really matter.

There were a few medical points I wasn’t one hundred percent sure on but being in the UK I am not absolutely certain of US practice so wouldn’t really want to comment. But all in all I got the impression the author knew what she was talking about when it came to writing medical drama. Oh, and did I mention the secondary characters – fabulous in a nasty, scheming way!

Prescription for Passion is a book I would happily pass on to friends. The sex is hot, descriptive and woven with emotion. The plot and characters were fulfilling and the writing elegant. A great read and I look forward to getting my hands on the others in the series.

4 Tea Cups!

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