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Review: Shared Too by Lily Harlem

Shared Too by Lily Harlem

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 4



Ten years on I’m still convinced I’m the luckiest woman on earth. Two devastatingly gorgeous husbands committed to my satisfaction—phew!—life doesn’t get much better or much sexier.

But as though the mere concept of a perfect existence was created to be shattered, one day Quinn turned to me and said, “Shared too. I want to be shared too.” Add in the monster that haunted my nightmares and I was struggling to keep a grip on my sanity.

I soon realized the path Quinn wanted us to travel would stretch not only his experience of giving and taking, but also mine and Liam’s. In a whirlwind of desperate emotions, dark desires and erotic fantasy, we were all so distant but also so sublimely close. Sharing had never been as sweet as it was bitter, or as depraved as it was heavenly.

Reader Advisory: Features the sharing of multiple bodies (F/F, M/F/M, F/M/F/M), bondage and other naughty sexual adventures!

Wendy's Review

Shared Too is a sequel but I feel it can be read alone. The story has you realizing that in life every relationship has its up and downs.

Ariane has been married for 10 years to two amazing wonderful men Liam and Quinn and nothing surprised her more than when after all these years Quinn seems out of sorts.

Their life in the country on a farm was ideal for a perfect life. After taking their daughters to boarding school Ariane was looking for some time alone with her husbands where they can have sexual encounters wherever and whenever they feel the moment. Liam and Ariane are in sync and feel that their relationship is stronger than ever, while Quinn is going through changes in his personal life as well as his work life.
Quinn had to explain to Ariane and Liam what he was feeling so that their honesty in the relationship stayed strong. At first the receptions wasn't the best but they realized how important it was and gave Quinn their blessing. In the end, Ariane can sympathize with him and she tries to be the woman he needs but with more evidence of his dissatisfaction comes Ariane's insecurities. Being understanding was the hardest part of this story. And I felt that Quinn was rocking the boat but Ariane was stronger than most women.

The story line is so realistic and I feel that Lily has portrayed a story that is believable and sexy. She has the reader believing that having fantasy is good for any relationship.

The sexual scenes leave you hot and breathing heavy.

5 Tea Cups!

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