Thursday, August 11, 2011

Review: A Gentleman’s Harlot by Natalie Dae

A Gentleman’s Harlot by Natalie Dae

Publisher: Total E-Bound
Genre: Historical Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Pearl longs for something more from her staid life. When her friend Frances suggests they become a gentleman’s harlot for the evening, Pearl’s life changes forever.

Pearl feels trapped by society’s rules and longs to let out the wanton woman inside her. Her friend, Frances, secures them a night of work in a gentleman’s club in Whitechapel, London, where Pearl must act like a harlot and wait tables. With the threat of Jack the Ripper too close for comfort, Pearl meets Seth, who makes her feel all kinds of sexual longings.

Seth has heard rumours of Pearl hating him, but he vows to make her love him. He tells her his name is James, and when she arrives at his club to begin work, he knows he will make her his. As he teaches her the act of lovemaking, he’s also hiding two secrets. One, that he is the man she is supposed to hate, and two, that he knows who Jack the Ripper is…

Lily's Review

I completely lost myself in this saucy historical romance. The setting, dialogue and characters transported me to London Town when Jack the Ripper’s crimes were haunting society. However, this is a romance and Ms Dae skillfully weaves a sexy, seductive tale into this tense period in time by creating a heroine you can’t help but sympathize with and ultimately admire, and a hero who you simply have to root for - the way Seth’s thoughts and actions were written in diary style made me feel very close, very intimate with him. It worked incredibly well.

I found myself wishing I was a daring as Pearl, she really shunned what was expected of her and grabbed what she wanted. It was risky, it was daring and ultimately it was very satisfying. The story told the journey of her sexual awakening, at times shocking but in balance sweet and loving.

Seth, or as he’s known to Pearl, James, started off in difficult situation, despite being a gentleman of standing the girl of his dreams doesn’t like him, even though she had never met him. I loved how he worked his way into her life, seducing her, showing her what she wanted and ultimately winning her heart. He was sexy in a completely open hearted, all male, salt of the earth kind of way, until he decided to show his kinky side, and then he became damn sexy with a capital D and a capital S!


A splendidly elegant and unusually written historical which contains all the elements of a great plot, a wonderful love story and a steamy read. As you can always guarantee with Ms Dae’s vivid style your heart strings will be pulled and your breath will be snatched. If you want a book that has a mystery to keep you guessing, allows you to really delve into the minds of both the main characters, understand what they want and what they feel, then A Gentleman’s Harlot is the book for you. I highly recommend it.

5 Tea Cups!

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