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Review: Promise the Moon by Joyce Henderson

Promise the Moon by Joyce Henderson

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Scarred by his father's rejection, Garrett Montez prefers a life of solitude on the prosperous ranch he's built on land bequeathed him by his grandfather. When his housekeeper quits, he is desperate to find another, but not the beautiful woman with gentle eyes and a sweet smile who arrives on his doorstep. Neither his ranch nor his heart needs the kind of trouble she could cause.

With nowhere to go, Neely O'Conner must find a job, but handsome and rugged Garrett Montez rejects her the minute he lays eyes on her. More determined than ever, she offers to work for a month without pay, hoping time will change his mind.

Does a mysterious woman hold the key to Garrett's love, or can Neely crack through his iron-encased heart and…Promise the Moon?

Monica's Review

Lies are the worst thing that could happen to a young lady that has fallen in love with her boss. Not only that but not being honest with each is the worst part.

Neely needs a job in the worst way but never thought she would be working for an arrogant handsome man. She sets out to the middle of nowhere but she finds herself in paradise. She will do anything in order to keep her job because she has no where to go if she is asked to leave. Now, she only needs to tolerate the attitude of Garrett. I felt sadness for her on how she was treated by Garrett because she did not deserve it. Neely truly tried to be pleasant to him and make sure she did everything to his likens.

I despised Garrett at the beginning of the story. I could not believe how he would snap at Neely for no apparent reason. Fine he was attracted to her but he had no reason to treat her the way he did. Garrett was also so blind by Lita and did not see what she was doing to get Neely to leave his home. That was to worst part of the story but I hated to see how much he suffered towards the end of the story. I did not expect for him to be alone and suffering for so long but someone came and gave him word of Neely. That was all the push he needed to seek her. But what if Neely did not want to have anything to do with him. Would he be able to let her go so she could be with another man?

The author truly was able to engage my emotions throughout the story. I was able to see how the relationship between Neely, Garrett and Mindy blossomed. The only problem was that Neely and Garrett were not able to speak of their emotions for each other. Garrett was not able to clarify the true relationship or lack of between himself and Lita.

Lita was a conniving little twit that I would have loved to strangle. She ran her mouth way to much about her apparent relationship with Garrett. The only problem is that she made situations so believable that Neely truly believed that they were engaged. Lies eventually will be discovered but will it be to late for Garrett to profess his love to Neely.

Promise the Moon defines a true romance story. The relationship that Garrett and Neely formed was incredible. Sure they had their tough challenges but they formed the perfect family. It touched my heart in seeing how they loved each other and the miracle that happened that brought them together so they could have their happily ever after.

5 Tea Cups!

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