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Review: Branded Seductions by Amanda Rose and Jennifer May

Branded Seduction by Amanda Rose and Jennifer May

Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Branded by Blood, 1

Shep was the military alpha for a band of brothers sent to control the outside paranormal population. Now they focus their cause on one thing―blending in, in the one place they've helped the military destroy. The para community.

With the General on his heels, and a crazy ex girlfriend close behind, will Shep have the training he needs to elude them both and finally find his mate, or will he soon realize that even in the para community, things aren't always as they appear?

Monica's Review

This story pulled me right from the beginning. I had my speculations of this book but I am so glad that I was convinced in reading Branded Seduction and believe me I will continue reading this series. I really did not except all the drama, sexual tension especially the way the band of brothers of Shep’s pack lusted over Anya. The laughter made it so easy to just sit, relax and enjoy the journey between Shep and Anya.

Who can think or even have a conversation during relieving some sexual tension, well Anya with her alpha Chase. After the deed was done she had no idea what she had just agreed to do but she was on her way to Texas. HEYEAH!

The amount of arousal just poured out of the band of were brothers and Anya, just imagine a house full of were’s that had not been around a female in who knows how long. I liked how they each wanted to be with her, touch her even just something something with her but there was one problem, Shep. Sure he told his second in command to keep her away but no matter how hard he tried it seemed that they had their run ins.

Shep did not want a war with his enemies but after a confrontation with his ex-girlfriend and her pack it was definitely on. Anya believed she was there to train these were’s but after seeing them in action; they definitely did not need training. There was another reason that she was brought to this pack but what.

After Shep finally gave into his emotions, Anya was his, but the problems continued. Shep believed that he needed time to think about taking a mate but after returning from his walk Anya was gone. Shep’s ex-girlfriend had a demented way of thinking. Anya suffered so much but you will have to read to see how she was tortured and her escape.

Read what other paranormals come into the picture and what part they play. Will the general and his troops pay for what they have done to Shep’s pack and his mate? There was so much drama, suspense but most of all lusted emotions. I can’t wait to see which of the pack brothers will get their story and their mate.

5 Tea Cups!

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