Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Review: The Diary of Anna's Submission by Jenika Snow

The Diary of Anna's Submission by Jenika Snow

Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: BDSM Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Anna has dark and taboo desires that leave her feeling ashamed and unnatural. All she can think about is how it would feel to let a man possess her in the most primal of ways. Despite her inexperience, and the fact she is a virgin, she knows she wants to be at the mercy of a dominating man, one who can show her what it really means to submit.

When she is propositioned by Felix, a Dominant at the local BDSM club, Anna has to make the choice to either accept what Felix has to offer, or leave behind an experience that will forever change her life.
Deciding to let Master Felix train her in the art of being a true submissive, Anna takes a journey that will bare her soul, and leave her body deliciously sore.

Be Warned: bdsm, anal sex, sex toys, erotic asphyxiation

Wendy's Review

I usually don't like to read diary-like material but I have to say that Jenika had me from the first word. It is a diary of a young woman who, through words, explained about the confusion of her sexuality and how confused she felt wanting something that she felt was not normal but knew it was for her.

Felix was the master Anna needed, one who knew what she needed and wasn't afraid to give it to her. Through her entries she has Felix described to be a man of strong willed control who wouldn't allow her insecurities to come between them or allow her to disobey and make him hurry his taking of her.

Being away from everyone and depending on one person for everything in a cabin in the woods should have had Anna anxious but deep down she knew that Felix was her master and she wanted to please him. Though his methods were extreme at time Anna flourished in her training. Secrets are kept and the book had you holding your breath for the next shoe to drop.

I give this book 5 Tea Cup because of the exceptional interpretation of all that goes on with a submissive and her master.

5 Tea Cups!

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