Friday, September 9, 2011

Review: Love’s Deceit by Joyee Flynn

Love’s Deceit by Joyee Flynn

Publisher: Silver Publishing
Genre: Alternative Romance

Heat Rating: 4



Dimitri Anslow has been in love with Alexander since he came to the warrior camp as a twenty-four year old pre-transition trainee. Fifty years later, he finally has the perfect plan to be with Alexander… at least physically.

After their life changing sex, Alexander tells Dimitri that he doesn't love or want him. Crushed, Dimitri tries everything he can to forget the man, jumping from guy to guy. As Alexander gives him mixed signals, Dimitri tries to come to terms with the fact that his mate may never be his. Can Dimitri move on from the one that owns his heart or is there something worth fighting for?

Lily's Review

Love’s Deceit is a lovely read which you can really get your teeth into – excuse the pun – the story length is long enough to get to know the characters, invest in their happiness and fall happily into the world of vampires and warriors.

Dimitri is a great character and you really feel the strength of his love for Alexander. The pain of having such powerful feelings for someone but not having them returned smokes off the page. I could have cried for him a few times; about how he was used and discarded, how he flitted from one mad sexual encounter to another.
Alexander is how many men are, aloof and confident on the outside, but on the inside confused and just wanting what everyone else wants. I could almost see him standing before me, the descriptions of his sublime physical appearance were so intense.

The vampire/warrior world Ms Flynn creates is very believable, the secondary characters add wealth and depth to the story. The fact that their customs and practices are so ancient heightens the tension and the need, as a reader, to have a happy outcome.


The first book I have read by this author and I am certainly impressed. The voice is smooth and believable, the characters well rounded and the plot flows well. Great job.

4 Tea Cups!

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