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Review: Mad About Maddie by Sherri Thomas

Mad About Maddie by Sherri Thomas

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Madison Preston wants nothing to do with the opposite sex, but finds it difficult to concentrate on her job when a certain cowboy won’t stay out of her way. Even her strong tongue-lashings do nothing more than encourage his sexual innuendoes.

Jake Dutson can’t get enough of Maddie, but he doesn’t need an entanglement with a woman with a tongue as sharp as a razor. He has other plans and needs to concentrate on buying a home of his own.
It’s going to take a special man to help Maddie overcome her fears of intimacy and abuse. Especially wh
en that man is a hot-blooded, sex-driven cowboy and his very being is dependent upon male-female relations. Nevertheless, Jake takes on the job, and discovers the only place he can call home is in Maddie’s arms.
Now he only has to convince Maddie their love is worth the ride.

Monica's Review

All I can say it is true put the past behind you and embrace the future.

Being in an abusive relationship has scarred Maddie for any other man. After she leaves her abusive boyfriend she finds herself at the Double M Ranch. She is in charge of training abused horses that come in after they are rescued. When she finds herself in the arms of Jake she knows she is in trouble. She has sworn off men but there is something about Jake that makes her blood boil.

Jake is a handsome cowboy that has his own past but seems to bump heads with an angel named “Maddie.” He seems to bring out the worst in her but there is a connection there that he can not shake off. He knows that he should not touch her or kiss her but something about Maddie makes him mad with emotion. When he tries to resolve his issue with his dad’s girlfriend in order for him to get his inheritance things go wrong for him.

When Maddie gets the chance to have her own ranch the first person she thinks about sharing her dream is with Jake. There are lots of responsibilities and he would be an ideal partner. That decision goes out the door when she hears a woman’s voice and her body wrapped around Jake’s body.

I love the characters Maddie and Jake they make the ideal couple. Jake shows a loving side when he embraces Troy’s baby. He shows that he is a loving and caring man and that he would never hurt a woman. I loved watching how attentive Jake was with Maddie and showed her that she could trust him. He has to show Maddie that he would never hurt her but most of all that he truly loves her with all his heart.

I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys romance stories. Read how Maddie and Jake both overcome their trust issues and embrace their future. I can not wait to read book 2 Holding on and see what will become of Dex.

4 Tea Cups!

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