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Review: Rebel by Aubrey Ross

Rebel by Aubrey Ross

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Enemy Embrace, Book One

Rebel leader Corry Reah has a problem. His name is Ashton VinDerley. Though they are sworn enemies, she can’t make herself hate him. Compelling and powerful, he fascinates and seduces her, making her long for pleasures she has never known before. He teases and tempts, caresses and challenges until she forgets who is captive and who captor.

Korbin is having no better luck than his sister Corry. He has promised to keep his hands off stunningly beautiful Danette, but she haunts his dreams, summoning a dark, primitive part of his nature that he hasn’t indulged in years. How can he resist a captive who wants nothing more than to submit? She offers her body without reservation and he is powerless to resist. She is crucial to the upcoming negotiations, but Korbin is no longer sure he can set her free.

Dodie's Review

This book is two separate novellas in one volume; however, the two stories focus on the same event but from two different perspectives. The Rebels have taken three young well connected people hostage in the hopes of reforming the current government structure that favors the reach and beautiful who live near the government center and disenfranchises the less glamorous that live on outlying planets.

The first book, Corry, focuses on Corry's relationship with Ashton. Aubrey Ross did an excellent job of showing not only why Corry is a rebel, but also what it is she is rebelling against. The book doesn't revolve solely around the sex scenes between Corry and Ashton, but focuses on the bigger picture. The second book, Korbin, focuses on Corry's brother's relationship with Danette. This story picks up the bigger picture where the first one left off, and as Korbin and Danette discovery and explore each other, they are part of the rebels' attempts to show the injustices of their planetary system to the governmental leaders.

Both books are chock full of erotic sex scenes, written the right way. They definitely steam up the windows, but the sex scenes are there to further the relationships between the characters and move the story along, instead of interrupting the story. Neither story can quite stand alone as a novella, but I enjoyed having the two stories together, as one so seamlessly picks up where the other leaves off.

4 Tea Cups!

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