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Review: Enraptured by Jayne Fresina

Enraptured by Jayne Fresina

Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Historical Romance

Heat Rating: 4



A Private Collection

Harry Blackwood has a rule never to sleep with a woman younger than thirty. But he’s also never been to a ball uninvited, stripped naked over tea in a quiet parlor, stepped inside a male bordello, been spanked by anyone other than his father, or become emotionally involved in another person’s life. And within a few hours, all that will change.

Christina Deveraux is nineteen, untamable as a hellcat and determined to enjoy Harry Blackwood’s abundant favors the moment he drops his trousers in her front parlor. As for his silly rules— she’s never met a rule she couldn’t break. After all, it is only sex, it’s her trade now she’s been left to manage her mother’s house of sin, and she has enough theory advice from a set of explicit diaries.

Now she wants to put text into practice. And Harry just happens to be the perfect study mate.

Ren's Review

Christina Devereaux, at the tender age of nineteen, is the owner of a bordello, passed down to her by her mother. Instead of throwing up her hands in horror and leaving the town under a cloud of shame, she boldly forges ahead with the detemination to make it the most sought-after establishment in town. Ms. Devereaux isn't peddling female flesh either. This lady has a stable of handsome studs that are strictly for the enjoyment of the dissatisfied wives among the town's elite. Christina is a regular firecracker with a curious and insatiable mind of her own.

Harry Blackwood, older and stodgy, has his own ideas of what he likes in a woman. He doesn't like them young and he definitely doesn't like them interrupting his routine. He lives by a strict set of rule and nothing or no one will change them. When he arrives with the intention of delivering a portrait his father had painted of her mother, he finds himself doing things that he would never have considered, not even in his wildest dreams.
Harry and Christina had me laughing so loud. Their chemistry is immediate, their verbal smackdowns refreshing and the sheer madness of their antics are truly hilarious. For all of their bantering, you can tell that Harry and Christina geniuinely like each other. Oh and the sexy-sexy between them is just as HOT. I would suggest reading these scenes with either the fan turned up high or the air conditioner on full-blast.

I love Jayne Fresina's writing. She takes the basic formula of boy meets girl and twists it up into an addictive read. Her heroines are not the typical shrieking damsels in distress that are prevelant in historical romances. Her heroes are nice (yes, NICE) sexy men that are befuddled and clueless one minute and lovesick the next. There's none of that arrogant egotistical behaviour going on. The men are likeable and funny. I can go on and on, gushing about it but the fact of the matter is this, Ms. Fresina can write. Her stories are wonderfully written, romantic, lusty, funny and brilliant. She takes the whole saucy bodice-ripping of historical romance to a new, exciting level and I just love it.

This is the third installment in this trilogy. I am sad to see it end but I tell you, the characters are so well-written and the stories flow so smoothly that you will not be forgetting them anytime soon.

If you are looking for a historical romance that it totally unexpected, I HIGHLY recommend Ms. Fresina's Private Collection series. You won't regret it.

5 Tea Cups and a Recommended Read!

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