Friday, October 7, 2011

Review: Love's Sweet Wager by Jannine Corti-Petska

Love's Sweet Wager by Jannine Corti-Petska

Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical Romance

Heat Rating: 2



She escapes a life of uncertainty…

After her gambler father is murdered over a card game, Rachel Garrett joins a wagon train West to be with her aunt and the fiancé she's never met. All she wants is to forget her life of performing on stage to earn the money her father gambled away and to settle down in one place. But along the trail she is helplessly drawn to a priest—forbidden fruit—and her faith is shattered.

He's running from a murder he did not commit…

With his life at stake, successful gambler Reno Hunter joins a wagon train West disguised as a priest. He is shocked to find aboard the woman he won when her father wagered her in that fateful card game, the same man Reno is accused of killing. Can he protect his identity as long as she doesn't know who he is, or will he give in to his desire for the woman and risk being apprehended by the law?

Wendy's Review

Jannine brought a book that had a little of everything and a lot of feelings and over all a great book.

Rachel Garrett began her trip on the wagon train to get to Sacramento to meet up with a fiancé her aunt chose for her after her father's murder. Rachel is a entertainer and she uses her talents a singer and dancer to help support her fathers habits of gambling.

Reno Hunter was accused of a murder he didn't commit and his brothers help him break out of jail so he could prove it. Going on the wagon train was his way of getting out of town, being on the same train as Rachel was just luck. Reno had a paper saying Rachel was his but with him being the accused murderer of her father he decided that he would lie low as a priest and allow nature to take his course.

The wagon train was hard way to journey across the prairie but with all suffering good things come out of it. Rachel and Reno start a relationship that not only has you laughing but it has you praising Rachel for being so strong but Reno is the right man for her to tame that independent streak. Through the hardships of their travel Rachel leans more on Reno then she thinks she should and worries what will happen when she reaches Sacramento to her future husband.

I love how this author wrote Love's Sweet Wager to have you right there living the lives of the wilderness.

5 Tea Cups!

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