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Review: Extrasensory by Desiree Holt

Extrasensory by Desiree Holt

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3


Book 2 in the Phoenix Agency series.

Mia is skeptical about her precognitive skills, but her visions about Carpenter Techtronics are so vivid, she resorts to sending anonymous emails to the company. She’s also having visions of a gorgeous man who arouses her so badly, she’s satisfying herself just to get some relief. She’s shocked when the man shows up in her office, sending her silent erotic messages.

Dan is helping his friend track down the person threatening his company. When he meets Mia, he has a hard time thinking about anything but indulging in off-the-charts sex with the intriguing woman—until bodies begin falling. As Mia’s visions escalate, so does the explosive sex between her and Dan, as well as an unexpected emotional connection. When Mia is almost killed, Dan and his team must race to find the culprits before they can strike again—or put Mia down for good.

Monica's Review

There are times that some people have what they say “a gut feeling” or even a premonition. Just imagine having visions that make no sense or maybe someone being murdered. Now, how about a vision that is so vivid so hot, sexy that you find yourself exploring your own body because the most incredible sexiest naked man told you “I want to fuck you.”

Mia Fleming works in an art museum in San Antonio, Texas. Since the age of 10 years old she discovered she had visions of incidents that were going to happen. There were times that she got herself into trouble because they were wrong but there were times when she was right. When she started having persistent visions day and night she started investigating them and they lead her to Carpenter Techronics. Carpenter Techronics was a company working on a new robot that they were going to unveil in a press conference. Only the visions that Mia was having gave her the impression that someone was going to steal it before they had a chance to unveil it.

Dan Romero, CEO of Phoenix Agency, shows up in San Antonio after receiving a phone call from his friend Chase, head of Carpenter Techronics, that he had received an e-mail and a voice message from someone warning him of harm to the new robot. With the help of Andy and the dragon, he traces the messages to Mia. From the moment that Dan walks into Mia’s office there is an instant connection. Mia realizes that the man standing in front of her is the man that she has been having visions of. Just imagine the heat that overcomes her. The amount of desire, lust she must feel to have the man she has seen naked in her visions not to mention the erotic gestures they have both done.

From that moment it seemed as if it was a blur of events happening, from Mia trying to make sense of her visions to trying to explain herself to the key personnel of Carpenter Techronics. This story definitely had its suspenseful events with so much danger. From the beginning there were the steamy sexual encounters that lead to Dan and Mia’s relationship. In this book there were more psychic ability characters that came into light. They were about to help with the case and help Mia understand her ability and how to make sense of it. Dan and Mia made a perfect couple it seemed that they were made for each other. They balanced out so well and Dan actually showed true emotions. Mia became so in tune with her visions that even in her tragic state she was able to give Dan even more clues to the investigation. I became to love Dan’s character because of the passion he had for Mia in such short amount of time but not only that, he truly fell in love with her that he valued her life so much more that his own.

Ms. Holt has done it again in this exciting story. It had everything that I was expecting since I just read the first book of the Phoenix Agency series. I was wondering who would be the next in the agency to fall in love. It was an exciting adventure with a few tears her and there. This is really a crime thriller that will have you guessing who and when they will attack.

I do not hesitate in recommending this book to any one who does not mind a little suspenseful adventure with a romance brewing. This is one book that I will certainly keep in my library. I can’t wait to read book three in Phoenix Agency series.

4 1/2 Tea Cups!
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