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Review: Delicious Danger by Desiree Holt

Delicious Danger by Desiree Holt

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Book 3 in the Phoenix Agency series.

Kelly was shocked when her Caucasian Ovcharka, Xena, bonded with Rick Latrobe. The dogs are known for linking with only their owners. She’s even more shocked at the intense sexual heat that sizzles between her and Rick. When she tumbles into bed with him at the very first opportunity, experiencing a night of erotic bliss in his arms, she knows they have something special.

But Xena is very much aware when an attempt is made on Rick’s life, and the dog drives Kelly crazy with signals of danger. Rick is nearly killed and Kelly and Xena are ferried to the secret clinic where he’s recovering. As Rick heals and they race to find the mastermind behind the attempted murder, the lust between them heats to the boiling point.

Monica's Review
Delicious Danger is exactly what this story is. It’s suspenseful, adventurous, passionate and it even has a breed of dog known for its psychic ability. Read how this alpha male is able to depend on a dog for security and also a little nudged in the relationship department.

Kelly Monroe was at the perfect place at the perfect time to meet the man of her that would soon occupy her mind, body and soul. She had been visiting her granddad; he worked for the Phoenix Agency. Just as she was getting ready to leave she is introduced to a very hot sexy man, Rick Latrobe. Let’s just say that Xena, a Caucasian Ovcharkas, played the perfect part for Kelly to fall into Rick’s arms. From there forward there was a connection between Kelly, Rick and Xena that know one saw coming, especially Rick.

Just when Kelly was on the road to go back home there was trouble. Xena was very uneasy and trying to signal Kelly that something bad had happened to Rick. It was only the beginning of life threatening situations for Rick Latrobe. After a week or two Xena became irritable again and showed Kelly images in her dream that there was danger lurking for Rick in Iraq. Only problem is how to get a hold of him and will his partners believe her.

Kelly and Xena are accepted into the Phoenix Agency and depend on her and her dog in guarding Rick with not only security purposes but also psychic abilities. While in hiding they try their best to decipher who is behind the theft of the weapons in Iraq. Not only do they have to deal with that but the Feds are also trying to find Rick because they believe that he had a hand in the theft. This brings big problems to not only Rick but to Phoenix Agency.

The bond, attraction between Kelly and Rick is dangerously delicious. The chemistry between them is unbelievable. I enjoyed seeing how their relationship took off from the start and they kept going strong. Then you have Xena and her psychic abilities and how she is able to detect danger whether it is meant for Kelly or Rick. You find yourself smiling when you read that it seems that she is smiling or when she is trying to get attention from Rick or Kelly that there is danger. Dogs are wonderful animals and they do bond with their owner’s. If you are a animal lover you will really care for this story.

The plot of this story was strong. The sex scenes were scorching hot. Ms. Holt really gave her characters a sense of adventure filled with danger and romance. I love how the characters from book one and two make appearances in this story and hope to see them in the next books to come. I could not help but to fall in love with Rick and how he adored Kelly and believed that she could help and considered her part of his mission but Xena was not far behind.

If you truly love reading erotic suspenseful stories that have you guessing who the villain is then this is truly one to pick up. If you have not read book one Jungle Inferno or book two Extrasensory pick up your copy today and read how some of the other characters found their true love. Believe me this is yet another book that I will keep in my library.

4 1/2 Tea Cups!
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