Meet the Reviewers

Meet Our Review Team


Welcome to Happily Ever After Reviews!   I love reading romance!  Love, love, love! Though I have a sweet spot for the paranormal and alpha males (who doesn't), I'm happy to read most sub-genres of any heat level.  Working with authors, and my fellow reviewers, is a real blessing.  We have a great team here!


Hello, my name is Lia and I'm an avid reader. I started out with true crime and mysteries, but fell head over heals in love with romance when I accidentally picked up a romantic suspense thinking it was a mystery. Ever since then, I can't say no to any romance novel. My favorite authors include Sandra Brown, Janet Evanovich, Nora Roberts, James Patterson, and a whole lot more. I am also an aspiring author and my first novel is currently under contract.


Born and raised in Texas before moving to Washington State in 2001, I was engaged with my late husband, and married in 2003. I work at a clinic in a medical staff office, working the physicians that the organization hires. There are times my job is stressful, but I love it and wouldn't change. My husband passed away in April of this year and it has been torture for me. I just have to live day by day and look forward and not look back.

Books that I like: Romance, Erotic Romance, Mythical (vampires, shifters), Mystery. Heat level doesn't matter. Best books I have read: Lover Awakened by J R Ward and Lover Mine by J R Ward.


I am 25 years old and work as a medical staff specialist, with my hobby of course being reading. I will admit that I wasn't always a reader. It took a certain movie that came out a couple of years ago to really spark my interest in reading again. Paranormal romance was the biggest influence in what I started reading initially and still carries significant weight now, but I don't let that deter my opinion when I am looking at the synopsis of other types of books. Because of this obsession I have with reading, I knew I needed a place where I could keep track of what I read and what I thought of it, which is why I signed up with Goodreads. From there I decided that I wanted to do more to help others and spread the word about all things book related, so I applied to be a Goodreads Librarian and was accepted.

Kris McConville

My name is Kris McConville and I’m an aspiring author, who also happens to be an attorney. Currently I’m working on my first contemporary romantic suspense novel, set on a ranch in a small west Texas town. I’m a member of both the Romance Writers of America, and the Capital Region chapter of Romance Writers of America, located in upstate NY where I live.

For the past four years, I’ve been able to combine my legal knowledge with my writing skills as a member of the NYS Bar Association’s Committee on Animals and the Law. As Chair of the Publications Subcommittee, I’m not only a contributing author, but also the editor of the Committee’s bi-annual e-newsletter Laws and Paws.

My combination of legal knowledge and writing skills has also given me the opportunity to write a ‘legal issues for writers’ blog on the Savvy Authors website entitled ‘Writer’s Court’ which is updated every Monday.

I also work part-time for Jey Associates which is a high energy Marketing and Public Relations firm located in Los Angeles, California, writing press releases for our clients.


Hello, my name is Wendy Phelps and I live in TN. I am a 46 years old wife, and mother of a daughter who I passed my love of reading on to. You can find me curled up on the couch with my laptop, ever since I got it for my birthday, the running to a book store has stopped. I let my fingers do the shopping now. I purchase ebooks and love how I can have everything at my fingertips.

I love alpha males and am beginning to get into paranormal and menage armor. There isn't anything that I won't read or at least give a try.

This year I am trying my hand at writing now that I am a stay at home wife and mother. With all this time open to me, I find myself writing and reading more than ever.

My hobbies are basket weaving and knitting, which I find myself writing into my story lines.


Hi! My name is Lorien and I’m from Southern California. I love to read and can be seen all the time with a book or a Kindle in my hand. As an avid reader, I enjoy reading all sub-genres from erotic to paranormal romance and steamy romantic suspense, especially about tortured alpha heroes with happy endings. Some of my favorite authors include J.R. Ward, Pamela Clare and Roxanne St. Claire. I hope my reviews will make a valuable contribution to the HEA Reviews team.

Ren Thompson

Ren spends her days trapped in a cubicle and firmly believes in taking as many mini-breaks as possible. She is an avid reader and is trying her hand at writing, with several works in progress. Ren has just started a BLOG and once you look at it, you will see just how new it is. She’s also hoping that both Interplanetary and Time travel will become a reality in her lifetime.


Hi everyone. I've always been an avid reader, with an interest in varied genres of books. With a mother who used to be an english teacher, I've always had a love/ hate relationship with commas. I've always wondered what people thought when they saw me approach the counter with a stack of books including romance, paranormal romance, horror, mystery, and southern fiction. Maybe they thought I was getting books for several people, but I'll never know, because they didn't ask. I am a married mom of two wonderful children, who are 6 1/2 and 2. I am a southern attorney, with a busy trial practice. Reading has always been my escape and release. I'm glad to be a part of the Happily Ever After Review Team.


I am a native New Yorker living in New Jersey after a brief stint in the deep south. I love to read and do so constantly. My favorites are the Paranormals although I never say no to a steamy Suspense, a tear jerker Contemporary, or a Bodice Ripping Historical. In general, I just love to read good writing and share it with others.

Clare C

Clare is an avid reader of all kinds of romance, from the sweet to the erotic.  She especially loves contemporary, paranormal, and historical.  When she's not teaching English and raising her two daughters, she's busy reading.  Her family also includes a mixed bag of dogs, cats, fish, and anything else that wanders up to the house in need of care.

Lily loves to read and can spend hours immersed in books and ignoring the housework. When she isn’t reading she loves to paint, horse ride and take trips to the movies to immerse herself in yet more fiction. To pay the bills she works as a nurse in a quiet country practice where the patients have all become her friends and she has to time her appointments with a stop watch or else gets lost in the gossip. Her favourite books are contemporary and the hotter the better but she does like to try new things every now and again and will always draw out the good points of what she is reading.


Hi! I'm Stacey. A 37 year old stay at home Mom. I homeschool, bake & decorate cakes, sell Watkins Products and somewhere in between all of this, I read. A lot. Every spare minute and into the wee hours of night. I've never turned a book away. If someone took the time to write it, I will read it. I have found so many wonderful books in the least likely of places. And I firmly believe you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. I have no genre preference. All I expect out of a book is to feel as if I am there. Each book should feel like a mini vacation into another life. So with that said, bring on the books!!


I am a happily married mom of a daughter and a son.  The hubby and I have been married 27 years now.  We also have 2 cats sharing our house.

I can't remember a time when I didn't read...she who has the most books wins, right?  At least that's what I keep telling my hubby about my book obsession.


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