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Review: Her McRaidy Chieftain by Em Epe

 Her McRaidy Chieftain by Em Epe

Publisher: Eternal Press
Genre: Historical Romance

Heat Rated: 2



Can tragedy bring on eternity?

Beautiful Christiana, lost and alone in a strange country, runs into a thunderous group of warriors led by Liam McRaidy, Laird of the McRaidy clan. Terrified, she attempts to escape their wrath—only to plunge down a steep ravine.

Waking to agonizing pain, Christiana finds herself helpless and forced to depend on Liam for even the smallest need. As he nurtures her back to health, their passion explodes.

While Christiana and Liam are proud of the love they share, others are not as accepting. Infuriated by her disobedience, Christiana’s abusive and greedy father lashes out in revenge. Unwilling to continue the war with England and allow the brutality bestowed on Christiana to carry on, Liam prepares for the final battle. Fearing for the lives of her clansmen, Christiana seeks a solution of her own to end the suffering.

LynnMarie’s Review

This novella flips back and forth from the past and present, but not in a confusing way. It’s to allow the reader to understand the love and history between Liam and Christiana.
Liam is a warrior; strong, muscled and proud. With Christiana, he’s all tender and loving. Who doesn’t love a hunk in a kilt?

After a near death accident, Liam helps Christiana back to health, which draws them closer to each other. He has old fashioned values, and respects our heroine, despite his ruthless reputation. You have to love the feisty Christina, that isn’t intimidated by the hulking warrior.
For a short story, this book packed a lot of punch in character development! I enjoyed Em Epe’s writing style which flowed smoothly.

The direction the author took the book near the end, didn’t sit well with me, but we did get a HEA none the less.
For a quick, satisfying read, Her McRaidy Chieftain was a good, historical romance.

4 Tea Cups!

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