Thursday, June 10, 2010

Review: Best of Breed by Pat Cunningham

Best of Breed by Pat Cunningham

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 1



It started out as a joke: a werewolf entering a dog show. Adele Chase has always believed herself ugly, with her doggish wolf form and non-shifter blue eyes. But in the show ring she’s discovered a place where she can be beautiful.

Now, poised on the brink of her biggest win, nothing can deter her-–not even the presence of Bowie, the notorious werewolf hunter. He’s stalking the show in search of a werewolf and found what he thinks is a woman. Adele realizes he could be her destined mate–-or, if he uncovers her secret, her death.

With Best in Show within her reach, she plays a dangerous game with a man who might either love her or kill her…with neither aware of the enemy who’s out to destroy them both.

Ashira Datya’s Review

Best in Breed is a sweet little romance that features a brother and sister that show their Siberian Husky, Heidi. Trevor and Adele Chase are werewolves, though Adele looks more like a domesticated dog than a wolf. At a dog show, Trevor and Adele (as Heidi) meet a man named Bowie who is a well known werewolf slayer. Trevor gets spooked and wants to leave, but Adele insists on staying. While Trevor is in the bathroom, Adele returns to the arena of the dog show and in human form, she meets Bowie; manages to keep her cool and he buys her lunch.

Adele and Bowie are in for a world of surprises as the story unfolds. Bowie, whose real name is really Jeff Bauer is hunting the wolf that killed his family. Upon finding out that both Trevor and Adele are were, Bowie assures them that as long as they don't attack a person, he will not hunt them, he only wants the beast that killed his family.

The story is quite entertaining and has moments of suspense and intrigue and is filled with mystery and sexual tension. That being said, I give the story 2 1/2 Tea Cups. I enjoyed the story, but feel it could have been a bit longer. The heat rating for the story, for me anyway, is a 1 because the sexual scene reminds me of something I've seen on a soap opera; enough to get the blood flowing with anticipation, but it isn't graphic in the least so if you prefer not reading something with graphic scenes then I would really recommend reading this story.

2 1/2 Tea Cups!


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