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Review: Candy's Daddy by Cherry Lee

Candy’s Daddy by Cherry Lee

Publisher: eXcessica Publishing
Genre: Erotic Romance

Heat Rating: 4



Candy meets a man named Bob while working as a waitress at a bar. A one night hook up quickly turns into an intense relationship when they both admit to their inclination toward Daddy/daughter play. They play out many scenes that thrill them both. But after Candy moves in with Bob and gives up her autonomy to her new Daddy, she must decide how deep she is willing to go into her new persona.

Is she a woman playing a little girl or has she become a hybrid of both woman and girl? Can she surrender completely to Bob and be the little girl he’s always dreamed of caring for? Sometimes a woman has to leave the one she loves in order to come back to him completely.

Warnings: This title contains age play (Daddy/Daughter), anal, oral and vaginal sex, spanking, discipline, F/F interaction, gang banging and sex in multiple combinations.

LynnMarie’s Review

Let’s start out by saying that if you aren’t open to role playing or some serious kinky sex, then this is not your type of book. On the other hand, if you are eager to explore your naughty side, then you won’t be disappointed with Candy’s Daddy.

Candy meets Bob while working at the bar and there is an immediate attraction between them. Though Bob isn’t traditionally good-looking, there’s something dominant and enticing about him that Candy can’t ignore. It doesn’t bother her that he’s over ten years her senior, in fact she likes the idea. They are both willing to begin their sexual encounter the first night they meet, and quickly discover that they both have a fetish for role playing, in particular, Daddy/Daughter role playing. The whole Daddy/Daughter thing was both a turn-on and a tad annoying after awhile. But the sex scenes more than make up for any annoyance I may have experienced. This book with its variety of taboo sex was hot, Hot, HOT! Seriously naughty in a twisted way with ménage sex, f/f interaction, spanking, pain, anal-you name it-Candy’s Daddy has it.

Even being a sex driven relationship in an erotic book, there was a romance in this story. Our hero and heroine compliment each other perfectly and are both satisfied living their alternative lifestyle together. Between pain and punishment, we can see gentleness and affection.

If you want to push your erotic experience, read Candy’s Daddy. Cherry Lee’s writing was enjoyable with a nice balance of emotion, action, sex and dialogue.

4 Tea Cups!

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