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Review: Issla: A Vampire Living in the 21st Century by G.A. Endless

Issla: A Vampire Living in the 21st Century (Clans and Covens, #1) by G. A. Endless

Publisher: Silver Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Set in the current century, "Issla" is a world of vampires, intrigue, and sexual congress. There are two species in the vampire race. 'True Bloods', or born vampires, can procreate and are born with natural powers that strengthen with age. Mortals that have been 'Turned', or 'Undead', are sterile and generally only have a few abilities.

Issla is an Egyptian Vampire of a royal family who hasn't left her pyramid in over 50 years. Due to the depredations of vampire hunters her Clan is almost extinct and Issla fears that the last three vampires of her clan may be the last of their race.

Awakening to find her Grandfather dying and afraid for her life, she flees to Beverly Hills in California. Knowing her time may be short, Issla begins to build her defenses.
Her grandfather’s murderer is frantically searching for her and the family relic she is in possession of. The 'Medallion Of Annubis' allows its wearer to travel to the world of the dead and leave with anyone they choose, forever changing history.

With the aid of her accountant, she is able to contact 'The Order Of The Serf' who are indentured mortal servants to the Vampire race. Through them she is sent a companion with whom she enters into a 'Blood Pact', making them a vampire.

Strategically enlisting all the help she can from the USA through Europe, she races to recruit allies for the inevitable showdown with her grandfather's powerful murderer.

Desmond’s Review

Issla, an Egyptian vampire is the last of her clan and, after holding her grandfather while he dies, becomes the bearer of the Medallion of Annubis, a device which can cause cataclysmic effects.

Endless creates an intricate and lush world, where vampires and magic exist aside from humans and have a hierarchical method of governing the world-wide clans. The basic premise is Issla’s Uncle wants the medallion and will stop at nothing to obtain the power it represents.

In Endless’ world, vampires can perform a Blood Pact with each other, transferring their magic and powers, albeit a lesser (younger vampire) inherits only half. Older vampires have more power, so the use of the blood pact in this story serves to increase the virtual age of a vampire.

Endless welcomes you into this mythical world and, as you read, gain additional knowledge of the intricate nature in which these vampires live. However, Endless’ dialog is hard on the ear as the use of formal language is not what we’re used to. Endless also over writes, telling us more about his world than we need. Something must be left for the reader to uncover or the narrative becomes didactic, too much is given.

The characters are as rich as the story, having distinct personalities and motivations, which only helps to round out this vampire mythos. The sex scenes are, at times, almost too matter-of-fact and delivered without passion. Whenever writing erotica, there must be some tension prior to foreplay or there is no context. You can’t go, “Let’s fuck” and have the characters go at it. There must be some longing or wishful thinking prior to doing it.

Overall, the story is really an epic journey of Issla and her need to keep the Medallion of Annubis out of nefarious hands and it’s an excellent premise. Endless’ world is rich and, in places, original, giving the reader a window into a different universe.

Demond’s quote: “Issla: A Vampire Living In The 21st Century by G.A. Endless, would be a magnificent read if the dialog were less stilted and Endless pulled back a little on the narrative.

2 1/2 Tea Cups!


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