Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Review: A Hollywood Affair by Sally Royer-Derr

A HOLLYWOOD AFFAIR (The Hollywood Series, #1) by Sally Royer-Derr

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 1



Sara Montgomery's comfortable suburban life is turned upside down when handsome Hollywood actor, Enrique Alvarez, enters her life. Restlessness with her life drove her into his arms, but passion kept her there — a passion for him and for the love of writing he ignited once again. This burning need brings Sara a Hollywood success exceeding her wildest dreams. Everything that she thought was true in her life has changed, but at what cost?

Ashira Datya’s Review

A Hollywood Affair is about a middle aged woman who met a gorgeous and talented actor on twitter of all places. They began what was supposed to be a short love affair, but it quickly turned out of control. Sara, who was still in love with her husband, but felt something was missing, met up with a very handsome actor named Enrique at a hotel in her home state of Pennsylvania for two days of bliss. They soon realized that they loved each other too much for it to just end after a few days, so they continued their affair. To avoid detection, Sara joined Enrique in New York City while he was filming where they learned more about each other. Enrique convinced Sara to start writing again, something she had stopped doing years before after several of her novels had been rejected by publishers. When she sent it to Enrique, he showed it to a producer friend of his named Ben who met with Sara and encouraged her to make it into a screen play for him to work on.

Sara went to California for several weeks to work on the screen play and when she and Enrique weren't on the set of his television show, home making love or working on her writing, they would go to dinner, to night clubs where they were unknowingly photographed by the paparazzi. When Sara returned home to Pennsylvania, her husband Bryan confronted her with a copy of the magazine that a co-worker had shown him.

Sara returned to California to finish up the screen play and start working on another one; living and playing with Enrique while her relationship with her husband and her children crumble around her. While all of the drama over life is swirling around her, Sara's dreams come true as awards and recognition are thrown her way.

Because of the author's ability to talk about things that happened from both Sara's and Enrique's perspectives without it seeming weird, I am going to give this story 2.5 Tea Cups and a Heat Rating of 1. This is a very well written story and I look forward to reading more from Miss Royer-Derr.

2 1/2 Tea Cups!


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