Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Review: Wild Rodeo Nights by Sandy Sullivan

Wild Rodeo Nights (Wilder Series, #2) by Sandy Sullivan

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Western Romance

Heat Rating: 4



Carrie’s bitter. Losing her parents and finding out her teenage sister is pregnant with no father in sight, has just about left her without direction. Running her parent’s store dominates her days, until one hunky rodeo cowboy decides to help out. Will she let Cole become a permanent fixture in her life or will his temporary lifestyle become a wall she isn’t willing to climb? Can she convince him to stay?

Cole rides bulls. A temporary woman is right up his alley until he runs smack into one protective Carrie Marsh. When she sticks her claws into him at the bar, accusing him of getting her sister pregnant, he’s fascinated. Her hazel eyes snap fire as she pins him to his seat. Can he tame the hellcat with the tongue sharper than cheap tequila? Does he want to or will the call of the rodeo pull him away?

Lena’s Review

Carrie Marsh is a strong woman, a woman who has gone through her limits. She is tired and just wants to give up. Her little sister is pregnant of all things, another burden in her life. Carrie loves Jessica but there are days when she wants to be free from everything; from Jessica, her store, and problems. Of all the things happening, and the drama in her life, she never expected a cowboy, especially one like Cole Wilder. Man, on sight her insides are all mushy and her legs wobbly just by looking at him. Cole Wilder is gorgeous, sexy, virile, and oh all hers which scares her the most. Having a man right now is not what she needs but something about Cole shows he is not the settling kind of a guy. A fling with him is what she needs, but can she keep her heart out of falling for this prime sexy cowboy.

Cole Wilder is a bachelor and loves it. Sure he envies his brother Chase a little bit for finding his woman, but marriage is not for him. He loves all sorts of women, but somehow Carrie Marsh is one he wants for good. This scares him for something about this woman is making him actually fall in love. Love is something he never thought he would feel and Carrie is definitely a woman that begs for his love. She is sexy, beautiful and has gotten under his skin. One minute he wants her in bed beneath him forever and the next he wants to be with her everyday to lean on her for strength. Carrie denies she wants to be with him forever, but can he prove to her they belong together?

Oh my God, I thought the first book in the Wilder series was great, but this one…wow. I don’t know how Sandy did it, but she made these Wilder men hotter than ever. Cole is definitely the typical bachelor always out for a good lay. Carrie is one woman he can’t let go. I loved that instantly these two were hot for each other, and can tell the love they feel for each other right away. Not only were they passionate together, but man, Sandy sure revved up the heat in this book. Can’t wait for more of this series, for Sandy did an awesome job.

5 Tea Cups!

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