Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Review: The Proposition by Lisa Bradley

The Proposition by Lisa Bradley

Publisher: eXcessica Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



At age twenty-three, Grace Newell has finally grown tired of her virgin status. With a busy life and little time for romance, she decides the right man to help relieve her of the title is her best friend’s older brother, Tom.
Beneath her cool exterior and the business-like tone of her request is an underlying affection for Tom and the hope that their brief encounter may lead to something more.

LynnMarie’s Review

The Proposition was a short story based on a common fantasy. What girl hasn’t fantasized about her friend’s hot older brother at some point? Lisa Bradley began this story with a simple proposition, and followed it through with some superb writing.

Grace is twenty-three and still a virgin. If anyone is to take her virginity, she wants it to be her best friend’s older brother, Tom. She’s craved him for years, but never acted on her impulses. Their relationship was always playful and platonic, so she worries he’ll deny her request.

I loved the dialogue in this story, which really brought the characters to life. We could see Tom transform from the annoying guy friend, into the attentive lover, driven by a burning need.

Lisa Bradley gave us just what we needed in this one sitting read. A fantasy that left us with a smile. The sex scenes were tasteful and erotic. Though I fully enjoyed reading this story, I wasn’t left feeling empty like with many short stories.

If you want a quick read that you can get lost in, with well developed characters and a believable plot…pick up, The Proposition. Fun, hot read!

4 1/2 Tea Cups!

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