Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Review: Alphas' Mate by Leah Brooke

Alphas’ Mate by Leah Brooke

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 4



When Lacey Roberts visits her beloved godmother, the last thing she needs is more complications. She's on the run helping a woman and child disappear. But her godmother's grandsons are definitely complications. All four have decided she's their mate. To top it all off, she discovers that they're werewolves, Alphas of the pack. And they have no intention of letting her go.

Lars, Damien, Wes and Seth Tougarret are half brothers, Alphas, kept apart as children. Their father's death before they were born divided the pack. Because of their grandmother, they've learned to get along. Barely. Stunned to learn they share a mate, they must form a bond. Especially when they learn someone wants her dead.

Ashira Datya’s Review

When I began reading Alphas' Mate, I was eager and excited to see what wonderful journey had been created for mine and for all of your reading pleasure. I was expecting the standard Alpha of the pack finds his mate and has to pull colored scarves out of his ass to convince his newly found mate that she is his, and not to run away from him, not that her running would matter. I was very surprised and relieved to find that my expectations were blown so far out of the water that they reached the stratosphere.

One thing that surprised me the most was the fact that instead of one male main character, there were four; half brothers that lived their lives separately; products of a very promiscuous father. As luck would have it, all four were Alphas and they all went their separate ways. The four brothers only see each other when requested to visit their grandmother and though they try to keep their dislike of each other from being known, they are not very successful.

The four brothers decide to throw their grandmother a birthday party, and while they are at her estate to finalize the plans and listen to their grandmother talk about what most young people would classify the "Good ole' days", they receive the shock of their lives in the form of a beautiful young woman named Lacey; this shock requires them to set aside their differences and work together or face a life of unhappiness. The four brothers and Lacey set off on a turbulent ride in search of passion, love and happiness.

The book was very well written and I actually felt like I was sitting in the room, watching everything as it unfolded. The scenes were brilliantly described with vivid detail, making me wish that I was the Alphas' mate. The first scene was intense, more intense than anything I have ever read before and they just kept getting better and better. If you are into vividly intense and arousing love scenes or into being dominated, then this story is definitely, one hundred percent without a doubt for you. You will not have any regrets reading this tantalizing story and I plan on reading it again and again and again. Happy reading one and all!

5 Tea Cups!

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