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Review: Resurrection by Alexandra O'Hurley

Resurrection by Alexandra O’Hurley (Ishadarian Saga, #2)

Publisher: New Concepts Publishing
Genre: Futuristic Romance

Heat Rated: 3



Excited by the challenge of exploring a new world, Taroth led his group with vigor. But once there, he immediately found the one woman who could be either his future or his demise. Left behind by the one person he would never have suspected to play the role of Judas, he struggles to survive and to regain the memory he lost.

Corrine feels an incredible attraction to the gorgeous man who graces her emergency room, but fights her desire. It has taken dedication and hard work to get to her position and when John Doe is around; all thoughts of work and career go out the window. Eventually she succumbs to the pleasure he fills her with, and they create a new life, building new memories together.

A face to face meeting brings all of Taroth’s lost memories crashing down on him, as well as, the responsibilities of his former life. Will there be room for Corrine in his old life?

Ashira Datya’s Review

I want to start out by saying this: If you have NOT read Abduction, do not read Resurrection until you have, or you will have a hard time understanding what is going on.

I was very eager to read Resurrection, as it was the sequel to Abduction and I enjoyed Abduction quite a bit. I also enjoyed Resurrection; reading about one of the main characters trying to regain his memory and tring to figure out where he belongs. Unlike in Abduction, Resurrection begins with an introduction, which makes it a bit easier to understand the background of the series.

The story begins when a group of aliens arrive on Earth near Nevada to determine if they want to take over the Earth. The aliens are surprised that Earthlings look a lot like they do and have similar family structures to theirs. After exploring a small town, the aliens venture into Las Vegas.

Two of the aliens, Taroth and Dar Jin are very good friends, almost brothers, and Taroth is betrothed to his mate, who is Dar Jin's sister. While they are in Las Vegas, they come across a hospital and decide to see how humans treat the injured and sick. While they are in the hospital, Taroth is stunned to find that he has a mate on Earth as well! Her name is Corrine and she is a doctor in the emergency room. This does not sit well with Dar Jin and the two fight. The argument grows and grows until eventually, it turns tragic and to defend his sister's and his family's honor, Dar Jin betrays Taroth in the most unimaginable way possible before returning to his home planet to tell the emperor and empress that their son is dead.

Back in the emergency room, Corrine is helping with a major emergency after there was an explosion at a casino, and before she can leave after helping to save the injured, she is told that a hiker was attacked and left for dead. The injured man is called John Doe because he does not have identification and once he's stabilized, he's placed in the ICU unit.

Corrine began dreaming some very yummy dreams where the John Doe was the leading man. After a while, John Doe regained consciousness and he too had had dreams where Corrine was the leading lady and reluctantly, Corrine agreed to help John regain his memory, and since the only thing he can remember is her, she lets him move in.

Years later, after the empire has taken over Earth, we get to the end of Abduction where Besh and Kaya have returned to Earth to sell her restaurant where they are approached by Corrine and John; Besh recognizes John as his brother Taroth, whom everyone assumed was dead. Taroth's memory quickly returns and they all return to the home world.

I gave Resurrection four teacups because I was really looking forward to reading this when I finished Abduction. Resurrection was well written and had some amazing descriptions for the setting, the characters, and an amazing ride in Sci-Fi. I give it a heat rating of a 3; the scenes are as vivid as they were in the prequel. If you liked Abduction, you'll love Resurrection.

4 Tea Cups!

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Alexandra O'Hurley said...

Glad you enjoyed them both!

My new novel, Nephilim, comes out in e-book format on Aug 4th. A brand new series, with angels and demons and vamps, oh my!



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