Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Review: Deadly Beauty by Mahogany Brown

Deadly Beauty by Mahogany Brown

Publisher: New Concepts Publishing
Genre: Futuristic Romance

Heat Rating: 2



In a future where aliens have invaded and taken over much of Earth, Gabrielle has been forced to do anything she can so that she and her sister can survive. Forced to become an assassin, Kor’Re is her latest assignment. The last thing she expected was to fall in love with him.

Ashira Datya’s Review

Deadly Beauty is a well written, intriguing story that had me sitting on edge for most of it. I will admit that it starts out a little slow, however, I have found that many of the best stories out there are a little slow in the beginning. When Deadly Beauty begins, we meet Kor'Re, the now CEO of a company started by his deceased father who is fighting a man named Xabo who wants to take over Kor'Re's company to increase the wealth of his own. The author soon turns focus to a young woman, Gabrielle, who is the only caregiver for her younger sister Emma. The girls lost their entire family and are now living in the ghetto; a ghetto that Xabo plans on demolishing to build a new, improved and prosperous city.

When Gabrielle witnesses something she shouldn't, and tries to intervene and save the only person who is helping her keep Emma safe, her life takes a drastic turn when Xabo's thugs bring the girls to Xabo's home. In order to keep Emma safe and healthy, Gabrielle has to do the unthinkable.

Flash forward several years later, Gabrielle's and Kor'Re's paths cross. Orders from Xabo put Gabrielle in a dangerous and impossible position. Does she do as she's told or does she risk her sister's life and safety to ensure that she is finally happy?

I really enjoyed reading Deadly Beauty, I could completely sympathize and feel for Gabrielle. I may not be caring for a younger sibling, but as the mother to two young children, I know that I would personally do whatever I needed to do to keep them safe. I was so nervous, waiting to see what Gabrielle was going to do about her orders, and shocked at what her decision appeared to be.

I give Deadly Beauty three and a half Tea Cups and a heat score of a two. The chemistry between Gabrielle and Kor'Re is sizzling hot and I highly recommend the story to anyone who loves a good read.

3 ½ Tea Cups!

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