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Review: Sex and Trouble by Marilu Mann

Sex and Trouble by Marilu Mann

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Marielle has just learned she’s a hereditary witch whose inheritance comes with a creepy house and a hot butler who is really a trapped sex demon. Mari doesn’t believe in magick or demons. But once she sees her butler’s—ahem—horns, she has to face the facts. And, he can only be released through mutual sexual pleasure.

Although Mari’s sexier than anyone he’s ever known, Rosier wants to go home. If that means making Mari scream in ecstasy, he’ll just have to deal. It’s simple. They have to unlock her powers, defeat her father’s enemy and have mind-blowing sex…in the next two weeks or he’s trapped forever. What’s a girl to do when her inheritance leads to Sex and Trouble? Enjoy it!

LynnMarie’s Review

I was surprised when I started reading Sex and Trouble because the title and cover gave me no indication that this was a paranormal romance with demons and witches. I was pleasantly surprised. That first classic sentence had me hooked!

Marielle travels to her estranged father’s home to visit the lawyer handling his estate. Since her brother went missing four years earlier, and her mother is dead, she is due to inherit everything; from the house and contents, to the drop dead gorgeous man that comes with the house.

When the video Marielle’s father leaves behind explains that he was a witch and she will be too after finding three secret keys, her life is turned upside down. To make matters worse, the stranger in the house, Rosier, is a sex demon that will be trapped unless Marielle has some seriously intense sex with him.  She begins her quest for the hidden keys left by her father, while trying to absorb her lustful feelings for Rosier, and get answers about her witch heritage.

She’s overwhelmed with all the news and has so many questions. Though her father warned her about a man named James, she seeks him to give her answers. Meeting him turned out to be a disastrous mistake that could cost her and Rosier their lives.

Marilu Mann created an interesting and engaging plot full of magick and mystery. For a short novel, the characters were well developed and the sex steamy. The questions left at the end of the story hint at a second book and I’d be eager to read it.

For a paranormal romance filled with sexual tension, mystery and danger, you’ll want to check out Marilu Mann’s new book, Sex and Trouble.

4 1/2 Tea Cups!

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