Thursday, July 15, 2010

Review: Victoria's Secret Life by Laura Ashton

Victoria’s Secret Life by Laura Ashton

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Erotic Romance

Heat Rating: 4



Victoria’s life is crap, working in a grubby men’s club, prancing around naked in front of a bunch of howling, hard core roosters. Even worse, she is the plaything of a man she doesn’t even like. She wants out bad, but she’s stuck.

Seven years ago she made the mistake of her life, running away from Tawny Hills Ranch to find her mother when she turned sixteen. My how the mighty have fallen, from Texas Junior Miss to a men’s club nude dancer in seven debauched years. She misses her older brother Gabe, and her uncle Ted, but most of all, she misses her grandaunt Mum.

Desmond’s Review

Imagine a world where ménage is the norm and you have the basis for Laura Ashton’s Victoria’s Secret Life. Camilla, who raised her, rescue’s Victoria from a nude dancing establishment, where Vickie had gone to escape her ex-boyfriend, a mafia-type gangster. Joey B has found her and comes to see her about once per month. To get her out of the ‘business,’ and provide security, in the likely event Joey B comes looking for her, Camilla hires a security agency staffed by three ex Navy Seals.

Ms. Ashton paints delicious characters, not only Victoria and her seals, but also Camilla, Jasmine and a few others. Victoria, who has had a bad life, comes across originally as weak, someone putting up with her lot to get through the day. Her three seals give her the confidence to become stronger and manage her life better, especially as their girlfriend.

The sex scenes, as you may imagine, are over the top, starting with a lap dance and progressing into a couple of ménages with her three seals. The details here are unimportant, but the scenes are well written and convey the characters’ feelings.

Ms. Ashton’s Victoria’s Secret Life is a fun read and the exploits of the characters are nicely done and show the warmth they have for one another. The dialog is, at times, humorous and fits the cast.

Desmond’s Quote: “Victoria’s Secret Life is the type of book you can take to the beach and, at 131 pages, easily digest it in a couple of days. The sex is hot, and there are instances of anal play, which can be disconcerting for a few, but Ms. Ashton handled it well and it fits the characters’ world.”

4 Tea Cups!

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