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Review: Catch Me A Catch by Sally Clements

Catch Me A Catch by Sally Clements

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



She had the perfect life - and all she wanted was to escape it. Artisan chocolatier and reluctant matchmaker Annie Devine wants to survive the annual Durna Matchmaking Festival without messing up. She's useless at relationships, and the whole village know it. They've known ever since the day she was left at the altar in her wedding dress. When Jack Miller, charismatic head of Miller Advertising is forced to make an emergency stop on his transatlantic crossing, she mistakes him for a love-lorn bachelor, and sparks fly. Jack's in Ireland to discover his roots, while Annie's desperate to escape hers. Annie longs to win the coveted Chocolate Oscar competition, and claim the ultimate prize, her own shop in Dublin. But with the deadline for Jack's return to New York looming, is she making the right choice?

Lena’s Review

You've heard of online love sites, but none compare to being in the annual Durna Matchmaking Festival. Everyone from places far away come to the festival hoping to be matched to their soul mate. This year, though, it is up to Annie Devine to find the matches. Her father, Bull, is the matchmaker, but she doesn’t want to disappoint her father. Her main goal right now is not finding love for people but to win the Artisan chocolatier contest. This is the main thing she has been working hard all her life to accomplish. She doesn’t need a man like Jack Miller to distract her or making her rethink her goals. Her heart is not into the festival and the people don’t take her seriously, which for some reason hurts her more. Jack somehow has made people trust her, something that Annie knows will be gone once he’s gone. What started as a game has escalated to a love she has never known before in her life. Can she continue on the charade knowing that she has really fallen in love with her matched?

Jack Miller had no plan of finding love, but somehow he landed on the week of the biggest matchmaking festival. He never knew something like that went on or heard of a town called Durna. Somehow what started as a charade in helping Ms. Annie Devine has grown to something he is scared of happening. His assistant says he has a type, meaning blonde and bossy, something that is so opposite from Annie. She is beautiful, smart and ambitious, something that has been missing in his life. She denies the attraction but her passionate kisses say something else to him. He wasn’t looking for love but something about Durna speaks to him like no other town has done before. Can he just walk away from Annie? Can he pull her away from accomplishing her dreams?

It is a small town but one that has magic in the air. It is a magic that everyone comes for a whole week to find that special someone in their lives. The Durna Matchmaking Festival is the biggest, even of the season for Durna and one that Annie Devine hates. I loved that she has a legacy to fulfill but she has her own dreams she wants to finish. Now Jack Miller is a man who has many questions that are not answered and he’s searching for something. I loved Annie the most in the book for here is a woman who has a legacy of matchmaking, but she wants to find her own love. Together these two were great and definitely not your usual story line. I applaud Sally for making a magical story come to life.

4 Tea Cups!

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