Saturday, August 21, 2010

Review: Saving Emma by Cheryl Wright

Saving Emma by Cheryl Wright

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre:Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Emma Larkin is running for her life--nowhere is safe. Stalked by her husband's killers, desperate to protect her young daughter, Emma must find what the killers are looking for before she becomes their next victim.

When undercover cop Gary Bedford planned a relaxing break, he hadn’t counted on bumping into Emma. Now he can't resist the temptation to discover all her secrets....

But should Emma trust her life and heart to Gary Bedford?...And can they solve the mystery surrounding her husband’s death -- and uncover his deadly secret?

Lena’s Review

Emma Larkin loves her little girl, Sally, and will sacrifice her life for her. She has no idea why someone wants her dead, only that it involves her ex-husband. For months now they have been on the run trying to be one step ahead of the villains. Yet for some reason she cannot say no to a man like Gary Bedford. Something about him makes her feel safe and cherished. This is something that has been missing from her life for a while. Meeting Gary not only changes her whole life, but for the first time in her life she knows they will make it alive. One minute they are casually seeing each other and somehow Gary has gotten under her skin. Can she live each day with Gary knowing she is risking their lives? Her little girl loves Gary, and his whole family, which puzzles her more for she is usually shy around people. Can she just leave the little town and Gary without losing her heart to him?

Gary Bedford is an undercover investigator and loves his work. He’s seen many things in his work but something about Emma Larkin pulls at him. Not only does she pull at him, but her little girl, Sally, brings out protectiveness in him he never knew he had before. Something or someone is after Emma and he has no idea what it is. Gary knows that he’s found the woman of his life, but Emma is determined to keep her heart intact. He knows he can keep her safe with his family but he wants her for himself forever. Emma is determined to not fall for him, but nobody told him that love was going to be easy. Can he be there when she really needs him? Can he find out what it is she has that the bad men want before it’s too late?

Love, action, and suspense are all in one great book by Cheryl Wright that will keep you entertained all the way to the end. I loved that Emma Larkin is no damsel in distress, but a fighter all the way. Here is a mother with a smart little girl trying to stay one step ahead of time no matter what the situation is. Now Gary is definitely a macho man trying everything to keep Emma safe even when she denies the help. Together these two were great working with one another and finding love. With all the suspense and action in this book it was great to see love bloom in an unusual way between two people so needing love.

3 Tea Cups!


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