Monday, August 30, 2010

Review: Dark Side of Dreaming by Ann Bruce

Dark Side of Dreaming by Ann Bruce

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



When she finds herself bound to a stranger’s bed, former cat burglar Cleo Moran knows she should’ve stayed in retirement. However, the thought of ending the cursed dreams that plague her sleeping hours was simply too enticing to resist. She also feels a strong sensual pull to her captor—but knows better than to act on it.

At first, Sasha Michaels wants only his captive’s professional expertise and contacts to track down the man who attacked his sister. Then Cleo wakes up and, with words and action, stirs something much more primitive within him. Neither understanding nor willing to accept her resistance, Sasha attempts to bind Cleo to him with sexual ties.

Their tentative relationship, however, is jeopardized by secrets on both sides…and a common enemy who is escalating in violence.

Lena’s Review

Cleo Moran used to be a good cat burglar for no one has ever caught her. Well, except for Sasha Michaels, which confuses her. Somehow he knew she was there which was bizarre. She has always been mysterious, quiet, and slick until now. Something about Sasha makes her feel like a woman. For months now she has been plagued with dreams of a woman in pain. Getting caught was not on the agenda, but getting caught by Sasha is definitely a great night. For the first time in months she feels something for him. She has tried to keep her heart guarded because of the curse. All her life she has searched for a statue that will take away the pain from her life. Nights are filled with nightmares and now with Sasha she feels safe for the first time in years. Cleo has no idea why he would want the statues but knows right now he is her key in everything.

This is a short review for if I say any more it will ruin the story, for it is one you have to get. One thing for sure is that Ann Bruce did a great job in showing us a woman who needs a lot of love. I fell for this woman who, for so many years, has no idea why she is having nightmares. However, she is determined to find a cure, no matter at what cost, even if it’s her heart. Now Sasha is a quiet man, not much in the book, but you can tell he is a persistent man. I loved that Ann created this man who, in a way, is almost like Cleo. He’s secretive, mysterious, and determined, but most of all he loves with all his heart. Great job by Ann, and I can’t wait for more of her books.

3 Tea Cups!


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