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Review: Moon Love by Cynthia MacGregor

Moon Love by Cynthia MacGregor

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 1



Nanci’s weight issues are the least of her concerns. Her ex-husband, Gene, just won’t let go, and he’s using their son, Matt, as a pawn to get her back. After several Mr. Wrongs she meets Scott, a dashing pilot, but does the romance have a chance? Her BFF, Maureen, tries to help, but Maureen has a dark and nasty secret of her own.

Do Nanci and Scott have a future? Will her friendship with Maureen survive? And will Gene ever accept that Nanci has moved on…or does she need to go back to Gene just to preserve her relationship with her son? She’s beset with problems and worries, under the watchful eye of the ever-changing moon. Will the moon ever shine benevolently on her again?

Wendy’s Review

Nanci is a mother, career woman, and an ex-wife. She fills her day dealing with a son whose father uses him as a pawn to make her feel guilty for not being with him all the time. Matt's issues with her being at another house would go a lot easier if her ex Glen would just accept that she didn't love him anymore and wanted to move on. Working on tight deadlines, and still making time to go to her Respect Your Body and Divorce Recovery meetings, is difficult, but she manages to handle all that is dealt to her.

Her only enjoyment is at night with the moon; the moon shines a new light on her life. She is fascinated with how the moon can make things go into a different perception. Going to her meetings, Divorce Recovery, and the other one, Respect Your Body, both seem to help her to live a better life.

With little self esteem, Nanci couldn't believe that not one, but two men were interested in her. Her husband loved starting arguments, but he never said a thing about her weight. With her being overweight she was self conscious, so when Ralph asked her out she thought, why not, he had seen her at the divorce recovery meeting and knew she was fat. But Ralph had no sense of humor. Could she settle with no humor or laughter in her life?

She compared Ralph to Glen constantly. Then when her son and her met Scott Guilford, a retired air force pilot, at the planetarium, he seemed too good to be true. He didn't mind the package deal of mother and son and slowly built a relationship with Nanci, until a misunderstanding where she thought he was repulsed by her weight. Scott thought that she backed off because he was pushing to hard.

In the end, the story had a wonderful ending. I love happily ever afters and you never know what would come about under the light of the moon.

I rate this a 4 Tea Cup and a 1 heat index. It was wonderful and I recommend this book to anyone who needs a self esteem builder.

4 Tea Cups!

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