Saturday, August 28, 2010

Review: Texas Blaze by Brenda Huber

Texas Blaze by Brenda Huber

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Devastated by her guardian's death, Hope Lewis must travel to West Texas to live with her closest relative, an uncle she’s never met. But a dark secret puts Hope in harm’s way as a brutal renegade targets Hope and vows to destroy her uncle and his protégé, Ethan Kincaid. And the dangerous raider is only half her problem as she battles her confusing attraction for Ethan.

After the murder of his fiancée, Ethan Kincaid is dedicated to revenge. He’s vowed never to love again, but Hope pushes his resolve and self-control to their limits. Can he risk his heart a second time, or are some wounds too deep to heal?

Lena’s Review

Hope Lewis has never been to West Texas. Her whole life has always been centered in the city. Now that she is in West Texas she has no idea what her future holds. Meeting her uncle for the first time she feels like her whole life is falling apart. She lost her father, guardian and feels like no one understands her. So it comes as a surprise that the only guy she is starting to like doesn’t want anything to with her. Ethan Kincaid is nothing like the men she has known before, for Ethan invokes something in her she never has felt before. His touch makes her all hot and warm, feeling for the first time well loved. Each time she tries to have a straight conversation with him he makes her forget her thoughts. She knows something is going on in the ranch, but has no idea what it is. Can she find out before she loses another loved one?

Ethan Kincaid had love in his life but an evil man took all his happiness and love away. It’s been years since he’s seen any light and Hope is it this time. Something about this woman from the city makes him all excited for the first time in years. He loves her naivety, laughter and her intellect, making him confused. He swore he would not let his heart get in the way, yet Hope somehow got under skin like no other has done. Hope understands him which is weird because he knows a secret that could kill whatever relationship is brewing between them. Can he convince Hope he means well and his love is for real?

One word for Brenda Huber is “WOW”. I loved, and fell in love with this book. The first chapter got to me when Brenda brought the scenery to life. Reading the book you can feel the love and the way Ethan looks at Hope seems so real. Everything was easy going and the story line fabulous. Brenda did a remarkable job in creating a man like Ethan. I felt for this guy who is brokenhearted and Hope is really his only hope of being alive again. This reviewer loved and highly recommends, Texas Blaze . Awesome!

5 Tea Cups and a Recommended Read!

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