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Kaleidoscope Series by Karen Wiesner

Kaleidoscope Series by Karen Wiesner

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Kaleidoscope Office Building provides employment to nine
hot, young singles--all about to make a love connection.
Working 9 to 5 has never been so complicated...or so much fun!

Wendy’s Review

Karen Wiesner created a book with 7 individual stories that intertwined with each other through a company called Kaleidoscope, owned and operated by Angela Lewis.

The first story was set at Christmas with a much needed getaway for Keri Woods. The only problem was that she wanted to be alone with Joshua Lewis, but with Angela’s cousin there, she wasn't getting her Christmas wish. Keri and Josh shared a moment years before but Josh doesn't seem to remember while Keri can't forget. But what Keri doesn't know is that Josh does remember and has regretted not pursuing her ten years earlier. What seemed to be an accident was actually a match making scheme. Christmas is for magic and dreams and Keri got both when her and Josh finally got together again.

The second story was about Angela Lewis and Kiowa Mackenzie at Valentines. Angela came back to Fever, TX to go to her friend and cousin’s wedding. She worked hard but her true meaning in life was to see all her family and friends happy. Angela turned her back on the one man who truly loved her because of their age. Kiowa wasn't going to allow that to happen this time. The maid of honor and the best man decided it was time to show Angela that she truly deserved to be happy also. Valentines is a day of romance and for Angela and Kiowa, cupid stabbed them with the arrow of love.

The third couple is Aimee Cooper and Rob Channing. Aimee was mourning her father’s death when she secretly has had a crush on Rob, an accountant, who had a reputation of having many women. Aimee didn't think she had a chance with her looks, but Rob saw past that and he offered to help Aimee with her father’s estate. Rob was infatuated with Aimee and their friends warned him not to hurt her or trouble would happen. But all Rob wanted to do was love and cherish her, and give her something her father never was able to—acceptance.

The fourth story was Dex Everett and Jordana DeSoto. They lived across the hall from each other. Dex ran the graphic design shop, Lewis Graphics at KALEIDOSCOPE. He was gorgeous and wealthy. Jordana was gorgeous and she was a seamstress by the morning and waitress in the afternoon and evenings. Jordana had problems with not allowing anyone close. She lived in fear of losing everything because when she was young that was what happened with her parents, and they lived on the streets. Dex never had to worry about money or where the next meal would come from so when he heard her story he knew the reason he loved her. She was the woman he was looking for all his life, she was down to earth and worked hard for those she loved. Their story was a true summer romance and Dex and Jordana knew that life was too short to not take a chance.

The fifth story was Billy LaPointe and Veronica Spencer. Billy and Roni had been dating for years but Roni couldn't be honest with him for the reason she wouldn't allow their relationship to go further. Roni lived in fear that Billy and his son could be seriously hurt because of her past. Billy was tired of waiting so when push came to shove he was willing to lose her to get her to the altar. This story has you sitting on the edge of your seat to see how they get together in the end. It was a nail biter.

The sixth story was Shayna Cavanay and Dakota Loring. Shayna divorced Mason, a man who was self centered and the most selfish person in the world. The only thing that keeps her from removing him from her life is their son Ty. When trouble happens at school again and Shayna had to go in by herself, she started looking at Dakota more than her son’s teacher but as a man who was genuinely nice. She knew that she could count on Dakota. It was now the time to start over and begin a new life. Things come to head when her ex wants something that she isn't willing to give.

The seventh and final story was about Jolie Everett and Jag Myrick. Jag was never home—he was on assignment for most of their three year marriage. Jolie was tired of living alone and knowing that her husband was actually having an affair with his partner. When she thought all was done and was ready to start the new year by herself Jag comes home to his wife who he hasn't stopped loving. When he finds out about the divorce he does fast talking to try and save their marriage. When danger comes to their door, Jolie sees where she might have jumped to conclusions but she still didn't want to be alone again. Jag wants his wife and a life with her. Can her convince her of that?

Karen brought seven stories of family and friendships into one collective book, and the short stories were wonderfully written. She brought back what true friendships, love and commitments are all about where people care for each other and where you help family and friends when they have a need.

4 Tea Cups!

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