Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Review: Worth the Wait by Cheryl A. Cornell

Worth the Wait by Cheryl A. Cornell

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



David and Shea were long time summer friends who grew up and went on their separate paths. When David is forced to return home after his father is injured, it’s apparent he isn’t happy to find Shea installed permanently in his home town, just a few doors away. His immediate reaction to her and his hometown are the same. He wants no part of either of them. His life is elsewhere, and he’s adamant about not being caught in small town living or outlooks.

Both knew twelve years ago that furthering their summer relationship would hamper their career paths. Now established, they will have to come to terms with their unrequited feelings for each other and where the future will lead them.

Mary’s Review

Shea is a warm-hearted, loving and kind person—something that her best friend David has tried to ignore. He’s ignored his home place because of the feelings Shea brings out in him. His father is injured, so it is up to her, like a good neighbor, to watch over him. The thing is, whenever he gets near Shea something happens to him. With Shea he feels love for the first time, something that has been missing since his mother passed away. Being back in the home town he is seeing how routine and boring his life has become so far. David knows Shea deserves a lot more than just a fling with him, yet he can’t stand another man in her arms. Can he prove to her that even though he’s a wanderer he’s the man for her?

Shea is a local home town girl with roots she has grown for herself. Nobody understands her motive to staying in the hometown. Something about it always called to her especially when it had a man like David living in it. As his best friend she has been there for him from everything from broke ups, to family dying. She knows she can never be more than a friend to him, but she is a woman that dreams of love. A kiss from him brings back memories she has tried to put aside yet she knows the man she come to love is still there. Can she convince David that she is and has always has been the woman for him?

David and Shea are two people who have so many issues yet one kiss erases everything in their lives. Worth the Wait is definitely a book that is worth reading in every way. Cheryl did a beautiful job in creating a strong bond between them that is still there no matter how much they deny it. David is a man with so many things going on in his life.  He has no idea what to do especially with a woman like Shea. Now this woman knows what she wants and David is definitely what she wants more than ever. This is definitely a book aptly named for these two have gone through so much. Loved it!

4 Tea Cups!

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