Sunday, September 5, 2010

Review: A Ballad for Her Cowboys by Luxie Ryder

A Ballad for Her Cowboys by Luxie Ryder

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 3



When Misty sees Aiden and Seth again, she hopes the handsome cowboys have forgotten the wild night they all shared. But for the men who loved and lost her years earlier, finding her again at a resort in the middle of Arizona gives them another chance to show her how they feel. When they take on extra work at the rodeo in order to save their own ranch, they don’t know that the songbird performing at the cabaret lounge every night will be Misty.

A few bad years have driven her confidence and her career into the ground. She distrusts everyone and can’t allow herself to believe that they only want to love her. Can Misty admit that she loves them too and be satisfied with life far from the spotlight? Will the day ever come when the only song in her heart is A Ballad for Her Cowboys?

Wendy’s Review

Misty dreams of stardom came to an abrupt halt when her boyfriend/manager stole all her money and refused to break her contract with him.

Working long hours and trying to rebuild her career, Misty came face to face with her past: Seth Orton and Aiden Black. They shared a very sexually pleasurable night together, but it ended too shortly when her career came into play.

Being hurt, Misty didn't want to take a chance that they were back to use her, she had been used enough. The hurt that she saw on Seth and Aiden’s face made her think that she had mistakenly discarded their true feelings.

Seth and Aiden thought their love could be enough, but the dream of being a star had Misty going back on the road with her ex-manager, Wade. Aiden and Seth let her go because they didn't have a choice. They offered her love and she turned it down for stardom.

Misty realized after months on the road that it wasn't what her heart wanted. She wanted her cowboys and she wanted what they shared: the love and the sexual stimulation.

This story was short. Though hard to follow in some places, Luxie let you see into the heartache of stardom and maybe that sometimes following your dream isn't what is best for you.

4 Tea Cups!

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