Friday, September 10, 2010

Review: Cole’s Surrender by Marie Rochelle

Cole’s Surrender by Marie Rochelle

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



The Perfect Man…

Lauren Lake always thought if she could look up the 'perfect man' in the dictionary she would find a picture of Cole Brady with his dark brown hair, hazel eyes and five o'clock shadow. She never doubted in her mind Cole wouldn't be hers unit he told her how he really felt about her.

His Biggest Mistake…

For years Cole Brady felt like an asshole for the cruel way he broke Lauren's heart. He never thought he would get a chance to redeem himself until he spotted her at the Tycoon's Club.

Will his I'm sorry wipe the past from her mind, so he can prove to Lauren that she is truly his future?

Ren’s Review

Cole is the typical spoiled millionaire bachelor who wants and expects the best. He is cold and callous, thoughtlessly hurting the one woman who could truly love him.

Lauren ran from his cruelty years ago, his boorish behavior sending her down a path of pain and insecurity. In spite of that, Lauren harbors a deep love for him, but knows that it can’t go anywhere.

Meeting up with Lauren again at Maxwell and Fancy’s wedding, Cole suddenly finds himself re-evaluating his ideals and what he wants out of life. Lauren’s sudden appearance brings it back to him and this time, he knows he has to make it right or risk losing her forever.

Cole’s Surrender reminds the reader that the road to “Happily Ever After” is not a smooth one. Lauren’s brother, Tommy, objects to Cole and tries to intervene on his sister’s behalf. Cole wants to make things right with Lauren and in doing so ends up shooting himself in the foot. Lauren tries to be strong but the past keeps coming up, making her question whether or not to give Cole a chance.

I found this to be a pleasant read, with a few twinges due to the name-brand dropping. I think this is part of a series, and if so, then Lauren’s brother, Tommy, rightfully deserves his own “Happily Ever After.”

3 Tea Cups!


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