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Review: Lindsey's Story by D.B. Story

Lindsey’s Story by D.B. Story

Publisher: eXcessica Publishing
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Lindsey's Story tells the touching tale of a young fembot designed for a life as a throwaway toy in a society that expects nothing more for her. Can she possibly get lucky enough to find an owner who sees more in her than that? (Note to buyers: This story is also contained in the anthology: The Fembot Chronicles—Volume 1, available in e-book and print. In the same way that iTunes sells individual tracks off of an album, individual stories are available without the need to buy the entire anthology.)

Warnings:This book contains sex with robots

Ren’s Review

If you could go back in time, would you? What about the future? Do you sometimes feel like you were born in the wrong time?

These questions have been bandied about ever since man had his first coherent thought. The story is told from Steve’s point of view, the main character who dares to alter the course of his future in a way few people could even comprehend. He decides to go on this journey, meticulously detailing everything that he would need in order to live. He gives his handlers strict directives on everything, even an allotted time frame for his awakening after The Long Sleep.

Steve is an instant celebrity, much to the amusement of his future family. His great-great-grand-niece, Amy, is appointed his chaperone in order to guide him through his new environment. Amy is a typical teenager and Steve finds out that not much has changed as she makes it quite obvious that this is infringing on her time. Amy decides to rectify the situation and this is where Steve meets Lindsey.

Lindsey is a fembot and a previous companion to Amy. Steve is amazed at how real Lindsey is and is immediately intrigued. Lindsey provides a much needed friendship to Steve as he is still trying to understand his new world. The relationship between Steve and Lindsey develops from their innate desire to learn as much as possible, whether it’s about their environment or each other. Eventually, Lindsey taps into what Steve’s reservations are as far as she’s concerned. It takes the intervention of Jake, someone who understands Steve’s predicament, to help them move forward. Lindsey, while a fembot, is actually given the chance to mature and become a woman.

I really liked the fact that there is a buildup to Steve and Lindsey’s relationship, that the author took the time to bring his characters to life and not thrown them straight into bed. Some might not like the fact that there is a lot of technical jargon, but hopefully this will not deter potential readers.

I really, really enjoyed this story and do hope that others will like just as much.

4 Tea Cups!

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