Sunday, September 5, 2010

Review: Driving Miss Devin by Stephanie Adkins

Driving Miss Devin by Stephanie Adkins

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



What’s the best form of revenge? In Atlanta, it’s living well. And if you can manage to get your ex-husband’s best friend in bed with you, that works too. After her husband of nineteen years leaves her for a woman half her age, Devin Malone is left with not only half his fortune, but also a huge chip on her shoulder. Determined to make him suffer, she goes after his best friend, oil tycoon Calvin Sutton. Yet after a month of mind-numbing conversation and even worse sex, she comes to the conclusion that, although revenge may be sweet, there’s got to be a better way.

Never one to back down from anything, Devin is suddenly blindsided when she discovers that David has proposed to the tramp he left her for. Much to everyone’s surprise, she does something she’s never done before—she retreats. But intervention has to come from somewhere. This time, it’s in the muscular form of Cole Braxton, her much younger friend and chauffeur. In his expert hands, Cole proves to Devin that life does go on after David Malone. She just hasn’t looked in the right place.

Lena’s Review

Cole Braxton has worked for Mrs. Devin Malone for years. He knows her favorite color, favorite movie and how she moans. The problem is that he is just her driver and nothing else. Now that she is divorced from the scumbag, he has his chance. His whole life is all because of Devin for all the good work she has done. Her money is what is providing his little sister with a higher education. As her employee he must remain a professional relationship at all costs, yet seeing her break down in tears rips him apart. He knows it is his fault, but he is determined to show real passion and love. Can he convince Devin that he is all the man she needs in her life?

Devin Malone hates Atlanta and all the southern wannabe’s. She misses being wild, cherished and taken honestly, unlike the women in Atlanta. Devin thought she found an honest guy in her husband, but like all men, he betrayed her love. She only has one man in her life who has always been there for her and that is her driver. Cole is a great guy, gives her what she wants and needs like a good friend. The thing is, she is starting to see him in a different light. A kiss from him makes her melt and just wondering what his passion is like excites her like no other man has. Can Devin bring their relationship into a sexually personal one? Or will it be the end to a great friendship, possibly the only one she has ever had in her life?

One word for Stephanie Adkins books is HOT. I don’t know what part I liked the most, the professional relationship Devin tries to maintain, or the wild hot sex she finally finds in her life. I loved that Cole is a man who has seen the good, bad and ugly life of Devin, yet through it all he loves her. Now Devin I feel sorry for, but she is definitely a woman who needs love in her life, not the fake one but real. Stephanie did a great job in this book and I definitely will be on the lookout for more of her work.

3 Tea Cups!


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