Monday, September 13, 2010

Review: Runaway Princess by Sara York

Runaway Princess by Sara York

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Erotic Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Princess Regina Timna's vacation on Melopa, the pleasure planet, is cut short when she's taken captive by a mysterious masked man. Though her goal had been to experience the heights of pleasure before her father marries her off to some old fop, she now regrets her decision to leave her home planet. If only her captor were the Lieutenant from her father's guard—and the man of her dreams!

Sexy palace guard Brack Greggor could kill Regina for running away to the sex planet. Lucky for her, he was in the right place at the right time to buy the beautiful princess from a sex slave trader. But he needs to teach Regina a lesson she'll never forget, so he dons a mask and proceeds to show her the danger of her hair-brained plan. Can he survive demonstrating the erotic pleasure Melopa has to offer—without losing his heart to the Runaway Princess?

Angelique’s Review

“Runaway Princess” is a story of sexual awakening and exploration. Ms. York creates a complex and interesting world for her characters to inhabit.

Regina is a rebellious princess. She has yet to know love and sets off on a crazy adventure to a pleasure planet where she can experience it for the first time. While reading the novella, I found her character to be spoiled, stubborn, and whiney. This did not endear me to her or make me very sympathetic to her plight once she was captured.

Brack, on the other hand, had my attention. He was attractive, smart, and tried to keep the heroine’s best interest at heart. His flaws and inner conflict made him a much more realistic than Regina.

I liked how the culture in Regina’s kingdom differed from the pleasure planet. It added to the conflict and heightened Regina’s tension when she was first walking around the resort.

What I did not care for about this story was that it was slow to move forward. I found myself leaving the novella and coming back later to finish. The climax, when Brack and Regina are found out, was unimpressive and left me wondering why they were so worried about her father in the first place.
Overall, “Runaway Princess” was a good story, but it was just not for me.

3 Tea Cups!


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