Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Review: Shades of Night by R.G. Porter

Shades of Night by R.G. Porter

Publisher: Eirelander Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 1



Her siren's song leads to a deadly conspiracy.

A vampire trained to hunt those who have rejected vampiric law, Krystoff finds
he is knee deep in a conspiracy to not only overthrow the Council of Elders but
humankind itself. As the answers to his burning questions go unanswered, he
wanders into a smoke filled club where he hears the purest voice ever and meets
a piercing gaze that tugs at his soul.

Half human, half Fae, fearful of vampires, Alexandra knows how to dodge those
who walk the shadows. That is until she is drawn to the stage and fulfills her
need to sing out a song of loneliness that levels Krystoff's attention on her.
He is a vampire she should run from but cannot escape.

Fate has brought them together for a purpose—save the world from being plunged
into an endless darkness…

…but that requires they trust each other.

Dodie’s Review

Shades of Night by R.G. Porter was an entertaining read, with an epic battle of good and evil brewing and the romance between Alexandra and Krystoff budding. While I enjoyed the story in the end, the initial framework of the world in which the story is set was not properly developed. Sometimes the first story of a series is so full of back story and explanation that you wish the characters would meet and fall in love already. This book was the exact opposite. We are thrust into the world of the novel without explanation as to where or when we are. For example, from the beginning it is clear that there are two types of vampires, but the differences between the two, are never explained. There is a Council that is never defined. Someone unfamiliar with the features of fae and vampires would have a difficult time understanding fundamental aspects of the characters.

The beginning of the story was disjointed and choppy. Not only because the mythology of the characters was not defined, but also because the point of view switches from the two main characters Krystoff and Alexandra without warning.

That being said, as the book progressed, the characters found their feet, so to speak. The dialog became easier to follow. Krystoff and Alexandra began to move in familiar patters of wooing and forging a relationship between each other, but their love story wasn't stale or forced and contrived. The love scenes between Alexandra and Krystoff were well written, but short. They did an excellent job of finding time to be alone in the midst of the rest of their problems, but did not take advantage of their aloneness. I, for one, would have liked more action between them.

Despite the difficulties in the beginning of the story, I was rooting for them to succeed in their quest and their relationship at the end of the book. It is clear that this is the first book in the series, and I am interested in seeing how the series develops. I want to see the good guys win the war.

3 Tea Cups!


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