Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Review: Special Delivery by V.J. Deveraux

Special Delivery by V.J. Deveraux

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Federal Prosecutor L.C. Mackay couldn’t cruise the bars—that was too dangerous for someone in her position. Instead she decided to check the dating websites. Not for dates; she was too busy for relationships, especially in the middle of one of the biggest trials of her career. She just wanted sex. Hot, lusty, soul-shattering sex. The perfect way to destress and relax.

The man was beautiful. He had the face of a fallen angel and a body made for a pin-up calendar. So what was he doing on a dating site? His name was Rick, the caption said, and his profile was simple—if a woman was looking for good, clean, no-strings sex, contact him. He always wore a condom, had no communicable diseases and could provide proof if asked.

Just what she needed. But, she wasn’t really considering it, was she?

Lena’s Review

Tony Cardenas is a ruthless drug trafficker, killing anyone who gets in his way. This is a man who Federal Prosecutor, L.C. Mackay hates with a vengeance and is determined to see him rot in prison for life. For the past weeks L.C. has worked on frustration and alertness every night. Her whole work load is all on Tony and nothing else. She knows her life has become routine and sad now, so she goes on line for a ole good time. The thing is, the one man who is making her very aroused is a man she has a hard time believing would be online for this. Rick is not the type of a guy she would have expected to look for sex with any random woman. Yet being in his arms feels so right which is unusual for her. Just when she thinks that maybe it could be more than sex, he does something stupid to convince her that maybe it is all just a game. Can she trust him with her real life?

Ex-soldier Rick Morrison has come back after combat and trying to live like a civilian. The thing is that once you are in the army and seen things many haven’t seen it’s hard to get back to normalcy. So it comes as a surprise that he feels something for his new sex partner. Rick doesn’t know why a beautiful, sexy woman like Lacey Mackay would be in an online sex site, but he’s all for it. Her kisses turn him on like no other woman has done and the passion in her just blows him away. He knows she is hiding something, but is giving her time to really trust him with more than just her body. Can he prove to Lacey that it is more than just sex between them now?

Two words for V.J. Deveraux are 'Wow' and 'Awesome' fpr Special Delivery. This book rocked all the way and blew my mind away. From the first paragraph it grabs your attention like nothing else. I loved that L.C. is just a woman trying to maintain her cool, yet she is a woman who has desires. Now Rick is a macho man who is not only passionate, but wow, kinky! lol. V.J. outshined in this book with a wicked, naughty and passionate imagination that will blow anybody’s mind. Definitely an author that is on my must  read list for she is one talented author that everybody must read.

5 Tea Cups!

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