Monday, September 13, 2010

Review: Three Over Par by Cathryn Brunet

Three Over Par by Cathryn Brunet

Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: Erotic Romance

Heat Rating: 4



Wild, hot, addictive sex…

After seeing one too many patients die regretting the things they haven’t done, nurse Lucy Seymour realizes she’s been making the same mistake. So when Robbie, the sexy golf instructor, makes his move, she responds with uninhibited passion, telling him there is nothing she won’t try. Long sessions of foreplay lead to thrills and fantasy fulfillment…until Lucy sees Daniel, the greenkeeper, watching them. Watching her. And then Daniel does more than just watch…he joins them.

Can it lead to love?

Lucy might be exploring all of her secret fantasies, but her reality is that she’s a one-man woman…and for her, that man is Daniel. But what does Daniel really want? Lucy or the fantasy?

Hunter’s Review

Three Over Par is a first person narrative, not something I was aware of before I read this book. I like First Person so it wasn’t a problem for me but I wanted to make the reader aware of this before they buy the book. The protagonist, Lucy, makes a lot of mistakes but she’s very likable and I enjoyed being inside her head for the whole of this book.

Robbie, the Pro, as she refers to him, is a little one-sided but I felt very sorry for him. It’s obvious that he’s in love with her while she only has eyes for Daniel. As for the hero, Daniel, he really shines during the love scenes. He’s kind and gentle with her then while outside of the lovemaking he is, until almost the end, seemingly cold and unfeeling. He really puts Lucy through hell.

Usually, I don’t like books where the hero acts really awfully while the heroine holds onto her hope and all is forgiven at the end. But, Lucy acts foolishly herself so most of Daniel’s behavior is, for the most part, alright.
The love scenes are very hot. Expect threesomes in public. Brunet is a very talented writer who really sucks you in and tugs at your emotions. I enjoyed this short read very much and can’t wait for more from her!

4 Tea Cups!

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